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The line which has greater slope stands for the fast moving object

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How do we know if the object is in motion?

By comparing the object with a stationary object. For instance, we are standing apparently still on earth, yet by comparing our position against the sun and stars, we have proof that the earth is actually moving.

Why does exercise make you breathe faster when you are unfit?

You would breathe faster because your musles are not used to the exercise, and require more oxygen. because at a speed or position when your body is moving that is different than it is normally you breathe faster. Oh by the way I am 78% sure I am right about this answer

Is everybody on earth moving at the same speed right now?

No they are not. There components of speed can be broken down according to size. Everyone is moving around the sun with the Earth at the same speed. But since the rotation of the Earth causes people to move faster at the equator then at the poles. Peoples speed when moving around the earth is different. There is also the fact that in a persons local position they are moving at different speed to each other.

Does a faster moving object has more potential energy?

No. Potential energy is energy due to an object's position in space. It has nothing to do with its motion.

Why does a solid expand when you heat it?

This is related to the atoms moving faster when the object is hotter. Atoms have more energy, move faster, and this simply lets them move a bit farther away from their rest position.

Force can make a moving object move faster?

Force is the only thing that can make a moving object move faster.

Which erodes faster fast or slow moving water in a river?

Fast moving water will erode faster because it is more powerful than slow moving water.

What is stationary position?

Stationary mean "not moving" so it must mean the the position is not moving or stay the same place.

When faster moving and slower moving particles collide which particles gain energy?

It depends upon the mass of the particles also. Assuming equal mass, then the slower moving particle gains some energy, and the faster moving particle loses energy. However, if the slower moving particle had greater mass, it could transfer energy to the faster moving particle.

How are moving pulleys different from fixed-position pulleys?

A moving pulley is a wheel on an axle designed to support movement without a center point being fixed. A fixed position pulley does not change positions and rotates only in one direction.

Why does the heart beat faster after exercise?

because the blood pumps faster when moving

Why does sound travel faster in warmer temperatures?

the air molecules are moving faster

If you heat thermal energy will the particles move faster?

the hotter it is, the faster they are moving

What is the definition of aceleration?

To be moving progressively faster.

What causes the stars in the sky to appear to be moving?

The Earth's rotation. The relation between the Earth (or a person on the Earth) and the position of the stars makes it appear that the stars are in a different position as the night progresses.

Why does the moon look different from week to week?

Because as the moon is moving around the earth the earth is moving around the sun, meaning each week a different amount of light is hitting the moon because of the position of the sun and moon to earth

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