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reenforced concrete

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Q: When concrete is poured around steel bars what kind of a material does it form?
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What is steel rebar used for?

It's main use is to give concrete strength. A web of rebar is built in the form and concrete poured around it. This keeps the concrete from breaking apart.

Why does not use other material instead of steel for concrete work?

Because of the thermal compactablity of the steel the material is used in concrete

What is a composition of a material?

It would all depend on what the material is. Different material, different molecular composition.Composite MaterialsThere are different kinds of strength- tension (pulling) ?. steel rods- compression (pushing) ?. concreteTo enable the structure to withstand both types of forces acting on it, a composite material is used - reinforced concrete(concrete poured over steel rebar (rods).

What is the main material towers are made out of?

Steel and concrete.

Why is steel and concrete a good material for bridges?

Steel & concrete obsorb tensile & compression respectively. as well as steel acts as a good reinforcement to protect concrete. - Velsamy vM

What do poured concrete cages do?

They for strength for concrete structures. Concrete, like masonry, is strong in compression (forces downward on it) but not in tension (stretched out). Therefore the steel gives the concrete tensile strength.

Material of the veterans memorial bridge in Louisiana?

Steel and Concrete.

What material was used in the Twin Towers?

Primarily steel and concrete.

What common material are used to build bridges?

Concrete and steel .

What is the construction material on a arch bridge?

Stone, steel & concrete

What is more fire resistant steel or concrete?

Concrete is much more fire resistant. This is shown by the design of reinforced concrete structure where the steel is placed within the concrete. A major reason is that the concrete protects the steel from any fire. Steel only construction requires the steel to be covered in a fire protection material.

What are advantages and disadvantages of Concrete?

Concrete: *Pros: Extremely strong in compression, can be poured into a form on-site, or pre-fabricated. Can be poured and cured under water, if necessary *Cons: Very weak under tension, though this can be moderated with steel reinforcement

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