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It was soda pop who wrote this letter and it said, that Darry hit you just because he was mad at that time but he really cares for you. I got to know that Johnny killed Bob I was surprised. I asked Dally about where you guys are but he didn't tell me anything about you guys. Come back soon the police were looking for you guys.

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In the book outsiders when dally come to the abandoned church he bring Ponyboy a letter from sodapop Describe the content of the letter?


How does Ponyboy describe sodapop?

Ponyboy had described Sodapop as a person who understands everyone very well. He also said that Sodapop can possibly cheer you up with his grin. And of course, Ponyboy said that Sodapop is the movie-star kind of handsome, which means that he's very, very handsome. Hopes this helps!

Why did Sodapop run out when Darry and Ponyboy fought?

Sodapop ran out when Darry and Ponyboy fought because the tension between them was tearing Sodapop apart.

How do ponyboy relationship with darry and sodapop differ?

Ponyboy and Darry always were disagreeing on things Pony did wrong and Ponyboy and Sodapop got a long because the get eachother.

Where does sodapop live?

Sodapop lives with Ponyboy and Darry. He is the middle Curtis brother.

Describe Ponyboy Sodapop and Darry Curtis in the book outsider?

Sodapop understands everyone, very handsome, happy easy to get along with kid. Ponyboy is an emotional, dreamer, adores Soda. Darry is a hard, cold tough, kid that stays strong for the brothers.

Where did sodapop from The Outsiders live?

Sodapop lived with his brothers, Darry and Ponyboy, in their house in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Who is related to Ponyboy?

Darrell"Darry" Curtis & Sodapop Curtis are related to Ponyboy Curtis.

Why doesn't ponyboy lie referring to sodapop as a dropout?

It's all about image. Sodapop is, in reality, a bookworm. But by definition, Greasers are not bookworms. So Ponyboy makes Sodapop look like a bad-ass by calling him a dropout.

What does Dally bring Ponyboy?

a note from his brother sodapop.

How are Sodapop and Darry alike?

They both love Ponyboy.

Why doesn't Ponyboy like referring to soda pop as a dropout in The Outsiders by SE Hinton?

Ponyboy doesn't refer Sodapop as a dropout because Sodapop says he's dumb and was only passing Auto mechanics and gym anyways and Ponyboy knows that Sodapop isn't dumb at all

What does ponyboy think about his bother sodapop?

Ponyboy loves sodapop more than he loves anyone in his family or anywere. He says sodapop and him talk about everything together and soda understands everyone and everything and that's why he loves him so much

In the book the outsiders are the names ponyboy and sodapop nicknames explain?

Yes, but ponyboy and sodapop are not nick names they are original names given by their dad and ponyboy says that it is on their birth certificate. pony tells cherry , and the aqmbulance driver in the book

Who is hotter Ponyboy or sodapop?

Sodapoppp. (: But the hottest out of all of them is Dally.

Who is Ponyboy close to in the outsiders?

Johnny and his big brother SodaPop

1 Ate the names ponyboy and sodapop nincknames explain?

Ponyboy and SodaPop are their real names, not nicknames. Their late Dad was always bold and different, so they wanted them to have unique names.

How did Ponyboy react to what Sodapop told him about Darry?

Actually, sodapop told ponyboy that darry actually loves and cares about him, he just doesn't like showing it. (grade 8 novel studies)

The outsiders how do ponyboys relationships wit Darry and sodapop differ?

darry was like the father of the group so he was harder on Ponyboy then soda , sodapop and ponyboy get along good but ponyboy and darry have some problems but still love each other

Why doesn't ponyboy like referring to sodapop as a dropout?

Because Sodapop is his brother; and because Soda dropped out to help work for them.

Who wrights Ponyboy a letter wene they are hidding out?

Your speling is worse then mine. It was from Sodapop, his brother.

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