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When deodorant stops working what else can you use or what can you do about the smell?


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There is a new 100% natural scentless all body deodorant which is 24 hours or more effective, It's called MgDeo, short for Magnesium Deodorant its water based, so no oiliness and mess, it has dead sea minerals, organic food grade ingredients, and vitamins, no aluminum, no baking soda, I read the ingredients list, and its clean from nasty chemicals, my wife is using it also while breast feeding, two pregnant woman in my family too, they are vegans, use gluten free products, and nature freaks. Works great for me.

AnswerGerm-X or another type of alcohol-based hand sanitizer. They kill every odor-causing germ within 15 seconds and they stay gone for quite a while. A great combination is to put germ-x in your armpits and after it is dry you put deodorant on. AnswerBuy some Aarid deodorant, you won't be sorry!!! The only thing that works for me. AnswerTHe true reason why people have bad BO is because of what they put into their bodies. The people that eat healthy and don't eat anything that's processed like snack foods are less capable of smelling bad. I know this because I'm a runner who eats vegetables and absolutely no snack foods that are packaged of anysort. I don't stink at all and don't even need to use deodorant. If you're not already on a healthy diet then try to change it. Talk to your doctor about what foods you should be eating and ask how you should change your diet. If this doesn't work then you should try asking a specialist who specializes in this. Hope this helps....


AnswerI always had that problem. Drysol is the solution. Drysol (prescribed medication) is a form of liquid that one applies at bedtime. In the morning you shower, then apply your regular deodorant and it works wonders. It worked for me!!! Good Luck. The previous response is also true. Your diet and excercise regimen plays an important role.

Drysol is for excessive sweating NOT for body odor.

Answeryou can wipe you underarms daily at night or morning with wet wipes. baby wipes are good. but unscented ones work best since you wont smell like a baby's bottom after using them. :) AnswerMake sure when you are purchasing deoderant that you are buying a deoderant with anti-perspirant. There is a big difference between deoderant and deoderant with anti-perspirant. AnswerGo to your local CVS or pharmacy and order Nullo. It comes in bottles...of about 60? Take a pill in the morning and it completelly gets rid of your body odor.


certain dri actually works really well when used consistently. but don't use it right after shaving it makes your pits itch like crazy!


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