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When did Adolf Hitler take power in Germany?

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During the middle of the American Great Depression, year I don't know.

Ok what DOOFUS put that up!!!!!!!! Hitler was durin WWII!!! He took poweron January 30, 1933!!!!!!!!!

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When did Adolf Hitler take over Germany?

Adolf Hitler took power of Germany in 1933.

What made Adolf Hitler popular in Germany?

He was a smooth talker. Look up "How did Adolf Hitler take control of Germany?".

Adolf was born in Germany?

Hitler I take it. Was born in Austria

What year did Adolf Hitler take power?


When did Adolf Hitler take power of Germany?

January but i don't know the date i think it was in 1932 during out Great Depression

Who long did it take Adolf Hitler to come to power?

it took Hitler 32 years to come to power

How did Hitler rise up to take power?

First he became a leader of the Nazis. He tried running for a government position but lost the election. Then the President Hindenburg appointed Adolf Hitler to the Chancellor position. Hindenburg died and Adolf Hitler became the leader of Germany.

What places of Germany did adolf Hitler take over?

Hitler ruled the entire country of Germany and invaded 39 other countries.

When did Adolf Hitler take power and how old was he?

He was 43, and a loved child.

How did adolf Hitler take power in Germany?

Germany was in hard times after world war 1. Adolf came along and promised to bring germany to its past glory. he got picked by the public to lead, he did do good things for germany. he just did a lot of horrible things too.

When did Adolf Hitler take over control?

chancellor in 1933 and leader of germany in 1934

How did Adolf Hitler take over Germany?

With hatred and an army of people with really big guns

Why did Adolf Hitler take over Germany?

Germany was in a bad time a adolf Hitler whanted it 2 o go back to beaing a good place the people of Germany were loossing jobs and were gowing hungrey so he said he would blame it on the jues

Did Adolf Hitler take part in World War 2?

Yes. Adolf Hitler was the leader and dictator running Germany and started WW2 by ordering the German army to invade Poland.

What steps did hitler take to rid germany of jews?

Adolf Hitler was appointed chancellor of Germany in 1933 following a series of electoral ... How did such odious characters take and hold power in a country that was a ... Nazi Party foreign policy aimed to rid Europe of Jews and other “inferior” ...

When did Hitler take power of Germany?

Adolf Hitler is a evil man did you no that he striped women down and poisoned killed children and keep men to be sick and starved i am a teacher i no this and it is realIf your a teacher then why are you spelling like your high?

Why was Germany able to over take Poland?

Because Poland didn't know that Germany was going to take over their land because they were not expecting Adolf Hitler

When did Hitler take power in Germany?

January 30, 1933

When did Adolf Hitler went to prison?

1923, after the unsuccessful Nazi attempt to take over Germany. Hitler was sentenced to five years but was released in 1924.

Did Adolf Hitler get arrested?

Yes. He got arrested in April1 1924 for a failed attempt to take over Germany.

Did Adolf Hitler take the US?


Which was not a condition in Germany that allowed Hitler to take power?

Distrust of Socialism

When did the Nazis take over power in Germany?

Adolf Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany on January 30th, 1933. However, he was not fully a dictator yet; there were still elections and other things to consider. He can be considered to have assumed full dictatorial powers when President Paul von Hindenburg died on August 2, 1934. After that point, Hitler and the Nazis had full power in Germany.

Where did the Election of Adolf Hitler take place?

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Why did Hitler rise to power?

he wanted to take over Germany and have a dictatorship between them.