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Alexander the great did not get married.

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Q: When did Alexander the great get married and with who?
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Alexander the great intramarriage?

Alexander never married.

Where was Alexander the greats marriage?

Alexander the Great did not get married.

What women Alexander the great married?


When did Cleopatra marry Alexander the great?

Cleopatra never married Alexander the Great. They lived about 350 years apart.

When did Alexander the Great get married?

324bc to roxanne got married more than once

Did Alexander the Great marry?

He married a Soghdian princess named Roxana.

Did Alexander the Great have children and get married?

he did get married to a Persian woman named roxane but i don't know if he had children

Did Alexander the Great have a family of his own?

Alexander the Great, or Alexander III of Macedon (Alexander Karanid) did indeed have a family of his own. He was married to Roxana Bactrian Karanid and together they had one child, a son, '''Alexander '''"Aegus" '''Karanid '''IV. Alexander the Great also had four siblings, nieces and nephews and so on.

Who did Alexander Fleming married?

Alexander Fleming married Sasha toply

Who did Alexander the great marry?

Alexander the Great had several wives and lovers. He married Roxana in 327 BC.Alexander married Stateira II (also known as Barsinein) 324 BC and married her cousin, Parysatis at the same ceremony.Hephaestion was a childhood friend and said to be lover. Alexander was said to be very upset and unable to eat for days after Hephaestion's death.Campaspe was said to be a mistress of the young Alexander.

Did Alexander IV have children?

Yes. Alexander the great had one son. But since Alexander was married to a Persian women and the macedonians (which was where he is from) didnt aprove the killed his son after he died from malaria.

How did Alexander the Great impact Greece?

Alexander impacted Greece by bringing Greek cultures and laws together with other cultures. For example, his soldiers and Persian women were married and Alexander the Great also married 2 Persian princesses. Another reason on how Alexander the Great impacted Greece was that because he invaded so much land he was able to get the Greeks to know the other cultures that they didn't know were there.

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