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When did America attack Japan?


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The only time America attacked Japan is defending Pearl Harbour

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before japan attacked America a japan representative promised FDR that they would not attack America 4 days later japan did a suprise attack on America's navy ships

America attacked Japan because of the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. America was talking to Japan about peace when this occured and afterwards the U.S. launched a sneak attack on Japan and bombed Tokyo which showed that America was going to war against Japan.

America declared war on Japan and entered WW2.

America struck back after being attacked by Japan on 7 December 1941

it was a surprise from japan that they were not expecting

After the second attack Japan surrendered.

Joy and elation that WW2 was finally over.

Serious but not so bad we had to sue for peace

America did not want Japan to take over China, so America stopped trading oil and other strategic materials to Japan. Japan got mad because they needed the oil and materials, and started to plan the attack.

japan was pissed America was helping Europe so they bombed pearl harbor then America got pissed and bombed Japan twice with bigger bombs.there was gonna be a third bomb but japan surrendered

America declared war because of the attack o Pearl Harbor

The US and Japan were at war, Japan having attacked the US, and declared war on America. Hiroshima was a military target, and relatively undamaged before the attack.

Japan was afraid that America would be able to use pear harbor as a force to take them out if the even tried to attack America.

Who said they did? Japanese troops did go into Korea that year.

It is possible that a successful attack could've been executed on America, but the Japanese/Germans didn't for the same reason why we didn't attack Japan head-on: too many casualties would have resulted.

The Japanese attacked America by aerially assualting pearl harbor the reason is i believe Germany put pressure on japan forcing japan to attack pearl harbor

The unprovoked attack by the Japanese on Pearl Harbour

Japan later found out that it awoke a sleeping giant. That being the United States of America.

America declared war on Japan. Germany then declared war on America.

Yes. It was a thing we both shouldn't have done cause that led us into the war deeper.

There are books written that state that the US did know.

America was forced to respond to the attack. President Franklin D. Roosevelt went before congress to ask that a state of war be declared between the US and Japan.

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