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When did American modernism start?

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The actual question is: Who is the American Architect who is called the Father of Modernism? Answer: Louis Sullivan is the American Architect called the Father of Modernism. The actual question is: Who is the American Architect who is called the Father of Modernism? Answer: Louis Sullivan is the American Architect called the Father of Modernism.

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How did modernism start?

Modernism is a reaction against earlier kinds of art.

When did modernism start?

1901 possibly

What was Georgia O'Keefe's style?

American Modernism

What style did Georgia O'Keeffe create in?

American modernism

When was modernism a new movement in American literature?

The early 1900s

When did modernism first develope in American literature?


Modernism first developed in American literature?

1900 - 1940

How was George Nelson important to the Modernism movement?

George Nelson was one of the founders of American Modernism. He was an American industrialist designer and designed modernist furniture which became iconic for the 20th century.

What has the author Julia A Walker written?

Julia A. Walker has written: 'Expressionism and modernism in the American theatre' -- subject(s): American drama, Expressionism in literature, History and criticism, Modernism (Literature), Theater

What is the difference between modernism and post-modernism?

In art history, the term Modernism defines an era of art considered forward thinking and not interested in previous styles. Post-Modernism involves artists looking back and incorporating styles and icons in their own work (See Pop Art and Jasper John's use of the American flag).

Can someone explain in simple terms the characteristics of the literary periods?

Discovery period, American enlightenment, naturalism, post modernism, modernism, puritanism, realism, romanticism, dark romanticism, native American, Harlem renaissance.

What has the author Suzanne W Churchill written?

Suzanne W. Churchill has written: 'Little magazines & modernism' -- subject(s): History, Little magazines, Modernism (Literature) 'The little magazine Others and the renovation of American poetry' -- subject(s): American poetry, History and criticism, Modernism (Literature), Others

Who was the American architect called the father of modernism?

Louis Sullivan (1856 - 1924)

What has the author W BLAZEK written?


What movement was developed for German Bauhaus 1928?

Modernism. You can read about the history of the movement which is described as no only a philosophy, but a lifestyle in R Roger Remington's book American Modernism.

American painter called the high priestess of early modernism?

Georgia O' Keeffe

What has the author Hans Emons written?

Hans Emons has written: 'Komplizenschaften' -- subject(s): American Art, Art and music, Art, American, Avant-garde (Aesthetics), History, History and criticism, Modernism (Art), Modernism (Music), Music

What are some characteristics of modernism?

Wikipedia 'Modernism'

How can an allusion be used in modernism?

He was not short sighted, he had modernism in his veins. modernism is very different now.

Which 20th century style is described as the popular modernism period?

Post-Modernism and Modernism to some extent

What part of speech is the word modernism?

Modernism is a noun.

What set the stage for modernism?

what set the stage of modernism

Difference between modernism and post modernism?

The difference between modernism and post modernism are the highlights and approaches towards life. It also differs in the ways of thinking that led to these movements.

What has the author Patricia E Chu written?

Patricia E Chu has written: 'Race, nationalism and the state in British and American modernism' -- subject(s): Modernism (Literature), History and criticism, State, The, in literature, Nationalism in literature, Race in literature, English literature, American literature

In America the early 1900s is when modernism took hold?