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because he was getting old and sick

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What did Andrew Jackson support

President Andrew Jackson and his public land legislature

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Q: When did Andrew Jackson stop being president?
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Why did Andrew Jackson stop being president?

Andrew Jackson was elected as President twice and served his 2 terms. Martin Van Buren would succeed him.

How did president Jackson stop his inagural party?

President Andrew Jackson did not stop his inaugural party. He simply moved it out of the White House by putting a barrel of lemonade on the lawn.

How did Andrew Jackson try to stop land speculators?

Andrew Jackson tried to stop land speculators by congress passing the Indian Removal Act in 1830

When did Andrew Johnson stop being president?

Andrew Johnson's Presidency ended when Ulysses S. Grant was sworn in on March 4, 1869.

Did the system of checks and balances work for Andrew Jackson?

The system of checks and balances failed in the case of President Andrew Jackson. Other branches of the USA government of the time failed to stop him from illegally moving government funds and thereby crippling the economy.

Why did Andrew Jackson invade east Florida?

To stop the seminole raids.

Who led troops into Florida to stop Indian raids?

genral andrew jackson

Who did President Monroe send to help end the raids in Georgia And what did this man do once he got there?

President Monroe sent General Andrew Jackson, the hero of the Battle of New Orleans, to the Florida border in 1818 to stop the incursions.

Andrew Jackson was sent by President Monroe into Florida to attack whom?

Jackson went to Florida to stop the Seminoles from running across the border to make raids and then escape back into Florida for safety. He also wanted to stop the runaway slaves who had a fort in Florida and did the muich same as the Seminoles.

What was Andrew Jackson's presidency?

US President Andrew Jackson had a major impact on America during his two terms as president. Jackson was a Democrat and was the 7th US president. Some of his accomplishments and policies were the following: * He sent Federal troops to South Carolina to stop that State from nullifying federal tariff laws; * He ended the US National bank and took its funds to add to the US Treasury; * He was the only president to wipe out the national debt; and * Made it policy that lands bought from the USA had to be paid for in gold or silver.

Why did Andrew Fisher stop being a prime minister?

family illness

Why Andrew Fisher stop being a Prime Minister?

family illness

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