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Aryeh Kaplan died in 1983.

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Q: When did Aryeh Kaplan die?
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When was Aryeh Kaplan born?

Aryeh Kaplan was born in 1934.

When did Aryeh Gur'el die?

Aryeh Gur'el died in 2007.

When did Moshe Aryeh Freund die?

Moshe Aryeh Freund died in 1996.

When did Aryeh Leib Yellin die?

Aryeh Leib Yellin died in 1886.

When did Aryeh Dvoretzky die?

Aryeh Dvoretzky died on 2008-05-08.

When did Aryeh Bahir die?

Aryeh Bahir died on 1970-09-13.

When did Aryeh Eliav die?

Aryeh Eliav died on 2010-05-30.

When did Aryeh Sheftel die?

Aryeh Sheftel died on 1980-09-28.

When did Aryeh Altman die?

Aryeh Altman died on 1982-08-21.

When did Aryeh Leo Olitzki die?

Aryeh Leo Olitzki died in 1983.

When did Aryeh Levin die?

Aryeh Levin died on March 28, 1969 at the age of 84.

When did Aryeh Leib ben Saul die?

Aryeh Leib ben Saul died in 1755.

When did Aryeh Ben-Eliezer die?

Aryeh Ben-Eliezer died on 1970-01-29.

When did Aryeh Leib HaCohen Heller die?

Aryeh Leib HaCohen Heller died in 1813.

When did Leo Aryeh Mayer die?

Leo Aryeh Mayer died on April 6, 1959 at the age of 64.

When did Zechariah Mendel ben Aryeh Leib die?

Zechariah Mendel ben Aryeh Leib died in 1791.

When did Edgar Kaplan die?

Edgar Kaplan died in 1997.

When did Henry Kaplan die?

Henry Kaplan died in 2005.

When did Benjamin Kaplan die?

Benjamin Kaplan died in 2010.

When did Meyer Kaplan die?

Meyer Kaplan died in 2004.

When did Viktor Kaplan die?

Viktor Kaplan died in 1934.

When did Abraham Kaplan die?

Abraham Kaplan died in 1993.

When did Hamit Kaplan die?

Hamit Kaplan died in 1976.

When did Joseph Kaplan die?

Joseph Kaplan died in 1991.

When did Hank Kaplan die?

Hank Kaplan died in 2007.