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When she was three years old.

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When did Ashley Tisdale start her singing career?

In 2007:)

When did Ashley Tisdale start acting?

Ashley Tisdale started to act at age eight (8) in a Broadway musical called Les miserables

When did Ashley Michelle Tisdale start singing?

in panda meat with pepper land in 90210

When did Ashley Tisdale start her period?


Did Ashley Tisdale start her period?

Obviously. She's 23.

Actresses names that start with the letter A?

Angelina Jolie, Ashley Tisdale

Which film did Ashley Tisdale start in in 2006?

high school musical 1

How long has Ashley Tisdale preformed?

she preformes for 24 hours start and it is awesome

When did Ashley Tisdale start dating Scott Speer?

They began dating in 2009.

Celeberties names that start with a?

Anna kournikova, Angelina jolie, Ashley tisdale there are lots

How did Ashley Tisdale start singing?

Disney channel forced her too like all the other DC stars. Its just part of the contract. She sang a cover of "kiss the girl" and was in High School Musical.

When did Ashley Greene start acting?

At 17 years old

Did Hilary Duff start singing or acting first?

Hilary Duff started off acting. She eventually slowly progressed into her singing career.

How did Selena start her singing career?

well she started acting first,then she moved on to a singing career

When did Elvis start acting and singing?

He started singing in 2002 with his debut album called "Cheese tastes good"

When did Judy Garland start acting?

Judy Garland was acting from the time she was seven, and was singing since the time she was two.

When did Ashley Tisdale start dating Jared Murillo?

November 2006 while on the High school Musical Concert Tour.

Where can you download the song Boy Like You by Kesha feat Ashley Tisdale?

iTunes would be a good place to start looking.

What age did Miley Cyrus start sing acting?

Miley started singing at about 3 but she started professionally singing at 11.

List of actresses who got their start in TV?

* Melissa Gilbert * Jennifer Aniston * Mary Tyler-Moore * Ashley and Mary Kate Olson * Ashley Tisdale * Sally Field * Patty Duke

What food can Ashley Tisdale not live with out?

peanut butter cap'n crunch and vanilla ice blend from coffee bean she cant start her morning with out them

What age did Brenda Song start acting?

6 Brenda Song began acting and modeling at age 6. She also played a very minor role in a skit on MADtv. One of Song's more notable acting roles is her portrayal of London Tipton in the Disney Channel Original Series The Suite Life of Zack and Cody (along with Ashley Tisdale and twins Cole and Dylan Sprouse).

Do you HAVE to take acting classes in order to get an agent and start your acting career?

um,have you seen the way people on "american idol" get singing careers????

Celeberties that start with the letter A?

Well, there are in fact celeberties that's names start with the letter A. One, for example would be Ashley Tisdale.

How should you start your stardom by Piano singing or acting?

it doesnt matter. i say singing like American idol. that gets u 15 minutes of fame in 5 minutes.