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When did Bahri dynasty end?


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Bahri dynasty ended in 1382.


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Bahri dynasty was created in 1250.

It was Shajar ad-Dur, who founded the first Mamluk dynasty (the Bahri Dynasty). There was one before her, but I can't remember. In India, there was Razia Sultana.

It was build by Hatshepsut. :)

Bahri Omari was born in 1888.

Bahri Omari died in 1945.

Mamdouh Bahri was born in 1957.

The population of Golam Bahri is 1,048.

King Mentuhotep the second buit the dayr al-bahri

After Ch'in died the dynasty came to an end.

The End of Obrenović Dynasty was created in 1995.

There's no such dynasty. There is only a Shang Dynasty.

The corruption in the government was what had brought the Han Dynasty to an end.

The duration of The End of Obrenović Dynasty is 1.02 hours.

Hatshepsut the first female pharaoh

its creator was the first woman pharoah

It was built as a mortuary temple

Bahri Tanrıkulu was born on 1980-03-16.

HĆ¼seyin Bahri Alptekin died in 2007.

HĆ¼seyin Bahri Alptekin was born in 1957.

The dynasty lasted until 1910.

The first dynasty ended in Egypt.

Severan dynasty ended in 235.

Rashtrakuta Dynasty ended in 982.

Ziyarid dynasty ended in 1043.

Chola dynasty ended in 1279.

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