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When did Belgium become independent?

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In 1830

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Who did Rwanda become independent from?

From Belgium

In what year did Belgium become independent?


When did Belgium become independent from Holland?


When did belgium become an independent nation?

In 1830

How come Belgium want to be independent?

Belgium is independent.

When did Belgium become in independent country?

Now something tells me it is 1830.... Am I right ?

When did Democratic Republic of the Congo become independent?

The Democratic Republic of the Congo became independent from Belgium on June 30th, 1960.

Is Belgium a Deutschland?

Belgium is an independent country next to Germany.

When was Belgium made a country?

Belgium became independent in 1830.

How old is Belgium?

Belgium was founded officialy (as an independent state) in 1830.

Why doesn't Luxembourg become a part of Belgium?

Luxembourg is an independent country. No country would want to give up its independence and join another country. So Luxembourg would not want to become part of Belgium or any other country.

Is Belgium owned by France?

No, Belgium is not owned by France.Belgium is an independent country since October 4, 1830.

Is Belgium a state?

No, it is an independent country in Europe.

When did Belgium and nederland be apart?

Belgium became independent in 1830. We splitted from The Netherlands and became a monarchy.

What was the result of the revolutionary uprising in Belgium in 1830?

Belgium became an independent state with a liberal constitution

Does France belong to Belgium?

no, Belgium and France are separate, independent countries. They are both in western Europe, Belgium being north of France.

When Oman become independent?

Oman become independent in 1650.

How did Congo become Belgium?

The Congo did not 'become' Belgium. The Belgians colonised it and named it Belgian Congo.

When did the colony of New Hampshire become independent?

They become independent in 1679

What is the capital city of the independent country Belgium?

The capital city of this official independent country would be Brussels.

In what year did Belgium became independent?

1830, on the fourth of October.

Is Luxembourg part of Belgium?

No. They are two independent and neighbouring countries.

Which country became independent as a result of the 1830 revolutions?


Which country was independent since 1962?

Uganda became independent from Britain in 1962. In that same year Rwanda and Burundi became independent of Belgium.

When did Nauru become independent from its colonists?

Nauru become independent from its colonists in 1968.