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When did Bertram James die?

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Bertram James died in 2008.

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When did James Munro Bertram die?

James Munro Bertram died in 1993.

When did James Glass Bertram die?

James Glass Bertram died in 1892.

When was Bertram James born?

Bertram James was born in 1915.

When was James Munro Bertram born?

James Munro Bertram was born in 1910.

When was James Glass Bertram born?

James Glass Bertram was born in 1824.

What has the author James Bertram written?

James Bertram has written: 'Charles Brasch' -- subject(s): Criticism and interpretation

When did Bertram Mills die?

Bertram Mills died in 1938.

When did Bertram Keightley die?

Bertram Keightley died in 1944.

When did Master Bertram die?

Master Bertram died in 1415.

When did Bertram Lasbrey die?

Bertram Lasbrey died in 1976.

When did Bertram Forer die?

Bertram Forer died in 2000.

When did Bertram Hopkinson die?

Bertram Hopkinson died in 1918.

When did Bertram Schmiterlöw die?

Bertram Schmiterlöw died in 2002.

When did Bertram Goodhue die?

Bertram Goodhue died in 1924.

When did Bertram Goodman die?

Bertram Goodman died in 1988.

When did Kate Bertram die?

Kate Bertram died in 1999.

When did Bertram Pollock die?

Bertram Pollock died in 1943.

When did Bertram Simpson die?

Bertram Simpson died in 1971.

When did Bertram Wainer die?

Bertram Wainer died in 1987.

When did Bertram Evans die?

Bertram Evans died in 1919.

When did Bertram Kelly die?

Bertram Kelly died in 1976.

When did Bertram Beard die?

Bertram Beard died in 1959.

When did Anthony Bertram die?

Anthony Bertram died in 1978.

When did Bertram Atkey die?

Bertram Atkey died in 1952.

When did Julius Bertram die?

Julius Bertram died in 1944.

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