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Beyonce released her first solo album Dangerously in Love on 22nd June 2003. She recorded it between 2002 - March 2003

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Q: When did Beyonce made her 1st album?
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What is the name of Beyonce's latest album?

Beyonce's latest album is called 'BEYONCE: I am... Sasha Fierce

What is the name of Beyonce's second album?

Beyonce Knowles second album is B'Day.

What was Beyonce's 2nd album?

Beyonce's second studio album was called B'Day.

When was Beyonce's BDay album released?

Beyonce's BDay album was released in September 2006. This R&B album was the second album release by Beyonce Knowles under the Columbia Records label.

What Beyonce album is Ring The Alarm on?

The track called Ring The Alarm is on an album which was Beyonce's second studio album. This album is called B'Day and the album was released in 2006.

Is Beyonce a luminaty?

yes she is but before she made her album i am Sasha Fierce she wasn't

How many tours has Beyonce done?

beyonce has done 3 tours as a solo artist. 1st tour was for the dangerously in love album,you could see this on the DVD beyonce live at wembley 2nd tour was the beyonce experience which was in 2007 this was for her bday album, and there is a DVD called the beyonce experience out. 3rd tour was the iam tour which was in 2009 for her iam Sasha firece album, a DVD will be coming out soon.

When does Beyonce ego come out?

Beyonce's new album is out now!

When Beyonce released her second album?

i think beyonce is great

When did Beyonce do crazy in love?

beyonce sang crazy in love in 2003 because it was on her first solo album i have her first album!

How old was Beyonce when she released her first album?

Beyonce was 22 when she released her first solo debut album dangerously in love.

What are some accomplishments that Beyonce has made?

her and her friend kelly and michelle finish the destinys child album

What is the name of beyonce lastest album?

4 is the name of her album

Who has an album titled 'B'Day'?

The album that is titled B'Day is the second studio album sung by Beyonce Knowles. This album was released on September 4, 2006 to coincide with Beyonce's twenty fifth birthday.

What is Beyonce new's album called?

Its pretty lame. She just called it "Beyonce".

What album is seduction song by Beyonce on?

"Seduction Song" is on the album "B'Day".

What was Beyonce first tour?

Beyonce's first tour was her I AM..... tour for her first album I AM......Saha

What is Beyonce to Lady Gaga?

A Close Friend. They made friends and recorded Video Phone Which is one Beyonce's album and Telephone which is Lady Gaga's (Fame Mons†er) ♥

When did Beyonce get her first album?

Beyonce released her debut solo album dangerously in love in 2003. However in 1997 she released her self named debut album with girl band Destiny's Child.

Who produced Beyonce's first album?

Beyonces father produced her first album

When is Beyonce's new album coming out?

The status of Beyonce's new album is mostly still unknown. There has been a lot of speculation from Beyonce fans, and professional reporters, that the album should be released in 2013. MTV reported that it would be released within the next eight months.

When did beyonce's album birthday go out?


What was the title of Beyonce album?

I am sasha fierce

Songs on Beyonce's birthday album?


What album does I was here by beyonce come from?