When did Beyonce made her 1st album?


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Beyonce released her first solo album Dangerously in Love on 22nd June 2003. She recorded it between 2002 - March 2003

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beyonce has done 3 tours as a solo artist. 1st tour was for the dangerously in love album,you could see this on the DVD beyonce live at wembley 2nd tour was the beyonce experience which was in 2007 this was for her bday album, and there is a DVD called the beyonce experience out. 3rd tour was the iam tour which was in 2009 for her iam Sasha firece album, a DVD will be coming out soon.

yes she is but before she made her album i am Sasha Fierce she wasn't

her and her friend kelly and michelle finish the destinys child album

beyonce sang crazy in love in 2003 because it was on her first solo album i have her first album!

Beyonce was 22 when she released her first solo debut album dangerously in love.

Its pretty lame. She just called it "Beyonce".

"Seduction Song" is on the album "B'Day".

Beyonce Knowles second album is B'Day.

Beyonce released her debut solo album dangerously in love in 2003. However in 1997 she released her self named debut album with girl band Destiny's Child.

Yes, Beyonce released I Am... Sasha Fierce in late 2008.

Her album is called Sasha Fierce because "Sasha" is her alter ego. If you Beyonce Revealed on the e she talks about it for a while. === ===

the ones that are that are fast are Sasha and the love songs are beyonce

i think its his 1st album but he only made 2 albums

i really don't know but it should be in solange album may it doesn't have an album

Beyonce's latest album is called 'BEYONCE: I am... Sasha Fierce

That song is called 'Irreplaceable' and is on the album B'Day

See the related link for all the track listings of all editions of the album, 'The Writings OnThe Wall' by Beyonce.

Beyonce mainly sings in English, but she has recorded an album in Spanish although she does not speak the language.

The track called Ring The Alarm is on an album which was Beyonce's second studio album. This album is called B'Day and the album was released in 2006.

Beyonce's new album is out now!

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