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Boston State College ended in 1982.

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Q: When did Boston State College end?
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What state is Boston college in?

Boston College is in Massachusetts

When was Boston State College created?

Boston State College was created in 1852.

Where is Bay State College?

Boston, Massachusetts

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When did Lowell State College end?

Lowell State College ended in 1975.

When did Jubilee College State Park end?

Jubilee College State Park ended in 1862.

When did Hyannis State Teachers College end?

Hyannis State Teachers College ended in 1944.

Who won the 2000 Aloha Bowl?

Boston college beat Arizona state

Where did mike lupica get his degree in college?

he graduated from Boston college

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The State of Boston just may be the best as far as taking an engineering course is concerned. Going straight to the local college and retrieving hands on skills seemed to work best for college engineering grads. For more information, go online to Boston State College and read into computer science enginner.

Where do the Boston College Eagles play?

The Boston College Eagles play in Boston, Massachusetts.

Where is Boston college?

Boston college is located on Chestnut hill