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Central Guoshu Institute ended in 1948.

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Q: When did Central Guoshu Institute end?
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When was Central Guoshu Institute created?

Central Guoshu Institute was created in 1928.

What has the author Guoshu Gao written?

Guoshu. Gao has written: 'Ji nian jie ri da quan' -- subject(s): Holidays

When was The Central Institute London created?

The Central Institute London was created in 1989.

When was Maine Central Institute created?

Maine Central Institute was created in 1866.

When was Central Institute for the Deaf created?

Central Institute for the Deaf was created in 1914.

When was Central Asia Institute created?

Central Asia Institute was created in 1996.

When was Central Institute of Technology created?

Central Institute of Technology was created in 1900.

When was Central Bukidnon Institute created?

Central Bukidnon Institute was created in 1968-06.

What is the motto of Central Institute of Tool Design?

Central Institute of Tool Design's motto is 'The Institute for Enhancement of New Technology & Engineering'.

When was Central Elgin Collegiate Institute created?

Central Elgin Collegiate Institute was created in 1954.

When was Central Drug Research Institute created?

Central Drug Research Institute was created in 1951.

When was Central Economic Mathematical Institute created?

Central Economic Mathematical Institute was created in 1963.