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When did Christopher columbas die?

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when did christopher coolumba's die

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Who found Swansea?

Christopher Columbas

What is a summary of Christopher Columbus's life?

conclusion of christopher columbas

Why did Christopher Columbas die?

Christopher Columbus died not on purpose, but mainly because of all the work and stress he's been through.

Who wre the arawks leader?

christopher columbas .

What was one of Christopher columbas acomlishments?

I don't think "christopher columbas" ever had an acomlishment.However, one of Christopher Columbus's accomplishmentswas discovering North America, and several islands as well.

Where was Christopher Columbas born?

Christopher Columbus was born In Genoa,Italy in 1451.

How many ships did Christopher columbas have on his 3rd expedition?

Christopher Columbus had 3

What countys did Christopher columbas find?

Christopher Columbus found islands such as the Bahamas

How old was christopher columbas when he past away?

he was 55

Is Christopher columbas a Washington state explorer?

No, Christopher Columbus is not a Washington state explorer.

When did christopher columbas make his first voyage to the new world?


Who helped support christopher columbas expedition?

his mother who was also his wife.

What did christopher columbas discover in America?

Native Americans and a new world.

Did Christopher columbas have pets?

Yes he did have pets he had horses wight of course and dogs.

When did columbas die?

Christopher Columbus, the Italian navigator and explorer, was born in Genoa, Italy in 1451. He died in Valladolid, Spain on May 20, 1506.

What did Cristopher Columbas Discover?

Christopher ColumbusHe found the Caribbean sea,spices,tobacco and alcohal

How Many voyages did Christopher columbas make?

Columbus made 4 voyages Columbus made 4 voyages

Who was the US discovered by?

Well most people think it was Christopher Columbas but Lief Erickson discovered it way before him

What european explorer named Florida?

christopher columbas was the european explorer who named florida and next time at least try to get the answer

What was Christopher Columbus Dad's name?

carlos columbas the most wize man that people could know now ask another question

What island chirstopher columbas name?

I believe christopher columbus named an island in central america. look in your history book to find which one.

Did Christopher Columbas actually incounter a chihuahua like creature?

Yes he did I know this because it says in the animal planet Chihuahua book I also LOVE CHIHUAHUAS

What was the name of the type of boat Christopher Columbus sailed on?

Christopher Columbas set sail on the Santa Maria, which was wrecked after grounding on a reef. He returned to Spain on the Nina. The Santa Maria was thought to have been a noa. The Pinta and Nina were caravels.

Who did columbas sail for?


What religon was columbas?