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The final Plymouth (Neon) was assembled on June 28 2001.

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Why did Chrysler stop producing Eagle vehicles?

Low sales.

When did they start and stop making Plymouth?


What year did they stop making Plymouth neons?

The last Plymouth Neon was a 2001. That was also the last Plymouth car built.

What year did they stop making Plymouth scamp cars?


When did they stop making Plymouth voyagers?

2001 model year

What are Chrystler's new hybrid cars?

Unfortunately, as of January, Chrysler has decided to stop making hybrid vehicles. For more information, you can go to this website to see why:

Why did Chrysler stop making the crossfire automobile?

Poor sales.

Why did Chrysler stop making the cirrus?

Because of poor sales.

What year did they stop making the Chrysler PT Cruiser?

July 2010

Why did Chrysler stop making the Concorde?

It wasted too much gasoline.

Power outlet in Plymouth Voyager not working?

Sometimes things on the inside of vehicles stop working. If the power outlet in a Plymouth voyager stops working, a person should change the accessory fuse in the fuse box.

Are they going to stop making Ford Mustangs?

G.M. and Chrysler management probably wish that Ford would =)

Are they going to stop making Chrysler minivans?

The 2015 Chrysler Town and Country is still scheduled to be produced as a minvan. The Dodge Caravan will be more of a crossover than a minivan.

Is GM going to stop making Pontiac cars?

Unfortunately yes. The Pontiac brand will be discontinued unless sold and will stop producing vehicles sometime between now and fall 2010.

When traveling on a highway divided into 4 lanes which vehicles are required to stop for a bus unloading children?

al vehicles are to stop

Why Did they stop making the Dodge Dakota?

That was because of the recent change in the consumer market from sport utility vehicles to cross over utility vehicles. Hence the emergence of new vehicles such as the Ford Edge, Dodge Journey, Chevrolet Equinox. Basically it was a demand/money thing.

Why did Chrysler stop making the pT cruiser?

After 10 years, sales had declined far enough that they quit producing them. Last PT was made in July 2010

Why did DeSoto stop making cars?

DeSoto was a model vehicle manufactured by Chrysler Corporation. They stopped making the Desoto in October 1960 with the final 1961 Desoto's just being called Desoto with no other model name. DeSoto's failure was due to a combination of corporate mistakes and external factors beyond Chrysler's control. The Chrysler Brand essentially moved from a luxury automaker to a midpriced automaker when Chrysler launched in 1954 for the 1955 model year. Most DeSoto models were merged into the new Chrysler Newport in 1961. Also the fact that the dealers wanted to sell the Plymouth instead of the DeSoto caused lower sales. Chrysler simply had too many different brands that they were trying to sell. One model had to go and it was the DeSoto which had the lowest sales figures.

Where did the Pilgrims make a stop before arriving in Plymouth and why?

No, they didn't make a stop. They were on ship for 3 months, were blown off course by a storm, and landed in Massachusetts where they built Plymouth.

When will they stop making pontiac's?

Did u stop making ponic

Does a motorcycle have to stop at a stop sign?

All vehicles and bicycles must stop at a stop sign, including motorcycles.

Why did jeep stop making the Comanche?

Because CHRYSLER bought AMC and they aren't the smartest people on the planet! Because CHRYSLER bought AMC and they aren't the smartest people on the planet! And another reason that they stoped is because Chrysler needed to cut cost and they already had trucks in the lineup so they didn't need the Comanche pickup.

Why did they stop making the show SpongeBob SquarePants?

They didn't stop making it

How does the ribosome know how to stop making a protein?

The ribosome will stop making a protein when it receives a stop codon.

Will stop leak plug the heater core on a Chrysler Sebring?

It can.