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hie sons name is Stephen cause in the book a child called "it" it sais this book is dedicated to my son Stephen, who by the grace of god has taught me the gift of love and joy through the eyes of a child

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Who is Dave Pelzer's son?

steven pelzer

Who is Dave pelzer son?

Dave pelzer's son is Stephan Pelzer.

Did Dave pelzer hit his son?


WHAT WAS Stephen Pelzer?

Stephen Pelzer was Dave Pelzer's father, who he also named his son after.

Does Dave pelzer have children?

one son stephen.

Did Dave Pelzer have a wife?

Dave Pelzer was married twice. He divorced his first wife with whom he had a son. He is now married to his editor.

How many children does Dave Pelzer have?

One son who is 22 years old. Stephen pelzer.

How many children did Dave Pelzer have?

He has a son called Stephen.

Did Dave pelzer have any kids?

Yes, he has one son, Stephen Pelzer, who is in college in Northern California.

Who is the mother of Dave pelzer's son Stephen?

The answer that you are looking for is the mother of Stephen Pelzer. And the mother is Dave Pelzer's second wife Martha Pelzer but they divorced in 2005.

How many kids does Dave pelzer have?

1, a son named Stephen

Does Dave Pelzer abuse his son?

No, in fact, they have a wonderful father-son relationship of 21 years!

Does Dave Pelzer have any kids?

Dave has one son who is 21 years old and had it with his first wife

When was Dave Pelzer's son Stephen born?

Stephen pelzer was born in 1987

Where can you find pictures of Dave pelzer?

Go to google images and search Dave Pelzer.

What year was Dave pelzer born?

Dave Pelzer was born on December 29, 1960

Who were the parents of Dave Pelzer?

Stephen and Cathrene pelzer.

What is Dave pelzer dads name?

Stephen Pelzer

Where does Dave Pelzer live now?

Dave Pelzer lives in Rancho mirage ca 9227

Did Dave Pelzer reconcile with his mother Catherine Pelzer?

yes you read about it in A Man Named Dave.

What was Dave Pelzer fathers occupation?

Stephen Joseph Pelzer, Dave Pelzer's father, was a fireman.

What is the birth name of Dave Pelzer?

Dave Pelzer's birth name is David James Pelzer.

Is Dave Pelzer a father?

Yes, he has a 21 year old son called Stephen with his first wife.

What is Dave Pelzer's children's Name?

Only one son: Stephen Joseph Pelzer (named after his father)

What is Dave pelzer moms name?

Catherine Roerva Pelzer