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he wanted to he wanted to

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Q: When did Edward England become a pirate?
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Where is Edward England the pirate from?

where is edward England from

When was edward England the pirate born?

Edward England was born in 1869.

Who was the nicest pirate?

Edward England

Did edward England the pirate discover England?

No Edward England did not found England. I don't who he was or what he did. However England was founded by the Anglo Saxons.

Was Blackbeard the pirate ever real?

Blackbeard was a real pirate. His name was Edward Teach and he lived from about 1680 to 1718. He was born in England and died in the USA.

Was Edward Teach a famous pirate?

Edward Teach was a pirate, better known by the nickname Blackbeard

How do you become a pirate on Dragon Fable?

to become a pirate you have to talk to a pirate near the sea and talk to him and click on become a pirate.

Who replaced edward the confesser of England in 1066 as the next king of England?

William become the king.

When did the Edward confessor become king of England?

1042 CE (AD).

Did ewderd teach play a pirate?

Edward Teach WAS a pirate. He was known as Blackbeard

When did James Cook become a pirate?

i dont think he did become a pirate...

How are why did Henry every become a pirate?

HOW DID henry every become a pirate

When did edward Tudor become king?

Edward became King of England at nine years old, in January, 1547

Who was The English pirate Blackbeard?

edward teach aka edward thatch

If your father was a pirate would you become a pirate?


Who was the greatest real pirate pirate in the Caribbean?

The greatest real pirate is often thought to be Edward Teach, AKA Blackbeard.

Where was Blackbeard born?

Bristol, England. He dated a girl named Arebelle Drummond. She later become a pirate in search for him.

What has the author Edward Easton written?

Edward Easton has written: 'The pirate of Hitchfield'

Who is the famous pirate?

blackbeard (edward teach)

Did sir Frances drake become a pirate?

He was not a pirate for the British but was a pirate for the Spanish.

How did blackbeard become a pirate and where?

Blackbeard became a pirate in 1702 and he became a pirate by sneaking on a pirate ship

How old was Edward VI when he become king?

He was nine when he was crowned king of England and Ireland.

Did any of king Henry viii children become king or queen?

Elizabeth l of England. Mary l of England. Edward Vl of England

Why did Grace O'Malley become a pirate?

Grace became a pirate because her family had become bankrupt

Who does edward teach play in the pirate movie?