When did Edward J. Thomas die?

Updated: 8/21/2019
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Edward J. Thomas died in 1958.

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Q: When did Edward J. Thomas die?
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When was Edward J. Thomas born?

Edward J. Thomas was born in 1869.

What has the author Edward J Thomas written?

Edward J. Thomas has written: 'Memoirs of a southerner, 1840-1923' -- subject(s): Social life and customs

When did Edward J. Hickox die?

Edward J. Hickox died in 1966.

When did Edward J. Flynn die?

Edward J. Flynn died in 1953.

When did Edward J. Nanson die?

Edward J. Nanson died in 1936.

When did Edward J. Riegelmann die?

Edward J. Riegelmann died in 1941.

When did J. Edward Addicks die?

J. Edward Addicks died in 1919.

When did Edward J. McShane die?

Edward J. McShane died in 1989.

When did Edward J. Baker die?

Edward J. Baker died in 1959.

When did Edward J. Miers die?

Edward J. Miers died in 1930.

When did J. Edward Lundy die?

J. Edward Lundy died in 2007.

When did Edward J. Barcalo die?

Edward J. Barcalo died in 1963.