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When did Ensio Itkonen die?

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Ensio Itkonen died on December 15, 2010, in Helsinki, Finland.

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What nicknames did Ensio Itkonen go by?

Ensio Itkonen went by Enska.

When was Ensio Itkonen born?

Ensio Itkonen was born on October 7, 1926, in Helsinki, Finland.

What actors and actresses appeared in Perhe tekee veneretken - 1978?

The cast of Perhe tekee veneretken - 1978 includes: Ensio Itkonen as Ensio Itkonen Hannu Karpo as Narrator

When did Ensio Siilasvuo die?

Ensio Siilasvuo died in 2003.

When did Rieti Itkonen die?

Rieti Itkonen died in 1951.

When did Ensio Jouko die?

Ensio Jouko died on August 17, 1962.

When did T. I. Itkonen die?

T. I. Itkonen died in 1968.

When did Ensio Rislakki die?

Ensio Rislakki died on January 30, 1977, in Helsinki, Finland.

When did Ensio Suominen die?

Ensio Suominen died on September 1, 2003, in Pirkkala, Finland.

When did Leila Itkonen die?

Leila Itkonen died on December 6, 2009, in Helsinki, Finland.

What actors and actresses appeared in Matka mustien maanosaan - 1952?

The cast of Matka mustien maanosaan - 1952 includes: Veikko Itkonen as Narrator Ensio Rislakki as himself

When did Veikko Itkonen die?

Veikko Itkonen died on March 29, 1990, in San Diego, California, USA.

What is the birth name of Ensio Rislakki?

Ensio Rislakki's birth name is Henrik Ensio Svanberg.

What is the birth name of Ensio Suominen?

Ensio Suominen's birth name is Pertti Ensio Suominen.

What is the birth name of Ensio Jouko?

Ensio Jouko's birth name is Jouko Ensio Korhonen.

When was Ensio Hyytiä born?

Ensio Hyytiä was born in 1938.

When was Ensio Siilasvuo born?

Ensio Siilasvuo was born in 1922.

When was Rieti Itkonen born?

Rieti Itkonen was born in 1889.

What has the author Ensio Tiira written?

Ensio Tiira has written: 'Raft of despair'

What has the author Jukka Itkonen written?

Jukka Itkonen has written: 'Be & Pop'

When was T. I. Itkonen born?

T. I. Itkonen was born in 1891.

When was Ensio Lumes born?

Ensio Lumes was born on December 8, 1919, in Helsinki, Finland.

When was Ensio Niiranen born?

Ensio Niiranen was born on October 1, 1920, in Korpiselk, Finland.

When was Ensio Rislakki born?

Ensio Rislakki was born on February 14, 1896, in Hausjrvi, Finland.

When was Ensio Suominen born?

Ensio Suominen was born on January 2, 1934, in Askainen, Finland.

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