When did Fern Gauthier die?

Updated: 8/21/2019
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Fern Gauthier died in 1992.

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Q: When did Fern Gauthier die?
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When was Fern Gauthier born?

Fern Gauthier was born in 1919.

When did Onésime Gauthier die?

Onésime Gauthier died in 1886.

When did Blanche Gauthier die?

Blanche Gauthier died in 1960.

When did Rosaire Gauthier die?

Léoda Gauthier died in 1964.

When did George E. Gauthier die?

George E. Gauthier died in 1983.

When did Jean-Guy Gauthier die?

Jean-Guy Gauthier died in 1938.

When did Henry Gauthier-Villars die?

Henry Gauthier-Villars died in 1931.

When did Marie-Madeleine Gauthier die?

Marie-Madeleine Gauthier died in 1998.

When did Louis-Joseph Gauthier die?

Louis-Joseph Gauthier died in 1958.

When did Éva Gauthier die?

Éva Gauthier died on 1958-12-20.

When did Martin-Pierre Gauthier die?

Martin-Pierre Gauthier died in 1855.

When did Georges Gauthier die?

Georges Gauthier died on August 31, 1940 at the age of 68.