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When did Fern Hobbs die?

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Fern Hobbs died on 1964-04-10.

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When was Fern Hobbs born?

Fern Hobbs was born on 1883-05-08.

When did Sam Hobbs die?

Sam Hobbs died in 1952.

When did Leland Hobbs die?

Leland Hobbs died in 1967.

When did Hobbs Adams die?

Hobbs Adams died in 2002.

When did Reginald Hobbs die?

Reginald Hobbs died in 1977.

When did Jack Hobbs die?

Jack Hobbs died in 1963.

When did Basil Deacon Hobbs die?

Basil Deacon Hobbs died in 1963.

When did Jock Hobbs die?

Jock Hobbs died on 2012-03-13.

When did Allen Hobbs die?

Allen Hobbs died on 1960-11-23.

When did William Herbert Hobbs die?

William Herbert Hobbs died in 1952.

When did Charles Wood Hobbs die?

Charles Wood Hobbs died in 1929.

When did Brian Kenneth Hobbs die?

Brian Kenneth Hobbs died in 2004.

When did Frederick Hobbs die?

Frederick Hobbs died on 2005-07-22.

When did Talbot Hobbs die?

Talbot Hobbs died on 1938-04-21.

When did Homer Hobbs die?

Homer Hobbs died on 1997-01-05.

When did Clark S. Hobbs die?

Clark S. Hobbs died in 1973.

When did Peter V. Hobbs die?

Peter V. Hobbs died in 2005.

When did Lucy Hobbs Taylor die?

Lucy Hobbs Taylor died on 1910-10-03.

When did Bruce Hobbs die?

Bruce Hobbs died on November 22, 2005 at the age of 84.

When did Alfred Charles Hobbs die?

Alfred Charles Hobbs died on 1891-11-06.

When did Connie Hobbs die?

Connie Hobbs died on May 5, 2009, in Canberra, Australia.

When did Randy Jo Hobbs die?

Randy Jo Hobbs died on 1993-08-05.

When did John Raymond Hobbs die?

John Raymond Hobbs died on 2008-07-13.

When did John Hobbs - missionary - die?

John Hobbs - missionary - died in 1883.

When did Fern Gauthier die?

Fern Gauthier died in 1992.

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