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The Treaty of Verdun (843 AD) marks a key date in France's history, because one division of the treaty represents the approximate area of France as we know it today. However, according to Wikipedia in its formation definition, "... the traditional date is in 496 upon the baptism of Clovis I."

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When did France become a sovereign nation?


When did France become a nation-state?

France is a state or nation, according to historians, since 843 at the parting of the empire of Charles the Great.

When did Gabon become an independent nation?

Gabon became independent from France in 1960

Is France a state or a nation?

France is a country. It is not a state within another nation, but a nation in itself.

France is in what nation?

France is a nation unto itself. It belongs to the European Union, financially.

Is France a nation state or nation?

Nation, they are the oldest ever nation in the world.

When did the country Tunisia become a nation?

Tunisia became a narion after it took independence from France on March, 20, 1956.

Why did European nation join together against France?

Louis 14 fought a lots of war. The European nation thought that the France was powerful nation and they joined france.

What nation is Samuel Champlain from?


What is the nation between France and Spain?

the contry in between Spain and France is a tiny nation called andorra.

What is the tiny nation between France and Spain?

That nation is Andorra.

Is France the oldest nation in Europe?

No. The oldest nation in Europe is San Marino. However, France was discovered first.

Does France hunt whales?

France as a nation is opposed to whaling.

The nation in Europe that had ended its monarchy by 1914 is?

france (nation 6)

Is France a nation-state or a nation?

Typically, France is considered a nation as opposed to a nation-state since it was not formed by acts of nationalism. Rather it existed as an empire for centuries and is the surviving remnant of that empire.

Is Madagascar allies with France?

yes Madagascar has an alliance with the nation of France

Which nation was a member of the triple entente -apex?


Which nation was allied with France?


What nation had an alliance with Russia?


What nation was Napoleon emperor of?


Is France a nation-state?

No, it is not.

Was France the first nation to build its economy based on capitalism?

Yes, France was the first nation to build its economy based on capitalism.

European country that borders France that begins with a s?

The nation of Spain is a nation whose name begins with an S and is south of France.

What part of France is Switzerland located?

Switzerland is not located in France. It is a separate nation outside of France.

Is France part of any region?

No France is a independent country. It belongs to the European Community which a supranational body composed by 27 European nation. So, France is a nation, not a region.