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When did Guitar Hero game come out?


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The original Guitar Hero was released on November 5, 2005.


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Guitar Hero Aerosmith is technically Guitar Hero 4, given it was the 4th Guitar Hero game to come out.

no you have to pay for the game on its own........ of course the game comes with guitar hero other wise it wudnt be called guitar hero dummy, what a stupid question

yes The first Guitar Hero came out on PlayStation 2 in November 2005.

There is no Guitar Hero game for the original X-Box. The first Guitar Hero game was Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock for the X-Box 360.

The game is compatible with any guitar

You can use any guitar hero guitar with any guitar hero.

Yes. You can play any guitar hero game (including Band Hero) with any guitar (including the Guitar Hero World tour guitar.) As long as the game and the instrument are for the same video game console.

Probs never. If they consider a reunion tour to be "selling out", then a guitar hero game is certainly out of the question.

The latest Guitar Hero game is Guitar Hero 3. No place in the world has a Guitar Hero 7.

Yes, there is. The most recent Guitar Hero game was Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock. (Guitar Hero 6)

No. The first Guitar Hero game for the Wii was Guitar Hero III.

yes, guitar hero, guitar hero rocks the 80s, guitar hero 2, guitar hero aerosmith, guitar hero 3, and guitar hero world tour. those r in chronological order.

yeah, if the guitar from guitar hero IS for ps2 lol. {:

You have to beat Joe Perry in a guitar battle, then buy him in the store and he will come with the guitar.

Yes, Guitar Hero 2 controller will work in any other guitar hero game same as guitar hero world tour controller can work on any guitar hero game, But you cant use xbox360 controller on another console guitar hero game.

Guitar Hero Guitar Hero

The game Guitar Hero for PS2 was the original Guitar Hero game and was released in 2005. This game can be purchased from places such as GameStop and Amazon.

Only if you buy the guitar that comes with the game in the 2 in 1 pack for 100-120$$

For Guitar Hero on the Wii, all you really need is the guitar, a wii-mote, and the actual Guitar Hero game disk. The guitar strap SHOULD come with the guitar. That's all you need. :)

Guitar hero Metallica, like Aerosmith, would be a Guitar Hero game that focuses on only one band that is Metallica. its a game

All guitar hero controllers are compatible with every guitar hero game

no. i have guitar hero world tour but my guitar is decorated for guitar hero aerosmith.

Most of the time, yes. You can buy the game with or without the guitar. You can alway buy guitars with or without the game, but that's another question altogether.

Yes you can, you can use every type of guitar for any Guitar Hero game.

what is the game id for guitar hero on tour for ds

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