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Hercules is no doubt a really old legend about a demi god that was born to the Greek god Zeus and his wife, Hera. Disney made a movie about him, though, like Aladdin is to Arabian Nights, isn't quite right, but it gets the gist of the legend. At the end, he allegedly becomes a full fledged god when he risks his life for his love, Meg/Megara, when she is thrown into the green whirlpool of the dead, out of which Herc comes alive and glowing, like a god.


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not 100% sure but I know that Hades was jealous of Zues (Hercules' father) so he sent two creatures to Hercules to kill him, by the time Zues had got to where the cradle was, Hercules wasn't there (the creatures had brought Hercules to Earth). When Hercules was on earth, he wasn't a god.

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