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When humans started asking questions about the universe.


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None, there was no founder of Hinduism

Hinduism began in Ancient India. According to Mythology Hinduism Began on the land of Modern Kashi situated in India.

Hinduism first began in the great country of India. Mythology states that hinduism began in modern kashi in India.

Buddhism began with Siddhartha Gautama and Hinduism began with observations of the Earth and the universe.

Hinduism is known to have no beginning nor ending.

Hinduism began in India and spread to other countries.

Hinduism started when people began asking questions about the earth and the universe. Nobody known when it began but we do know that it is at least 12,000 years old. Hinduism has absolutely no founders.

Hinduism began with the institution of the seven sages called saptarishis.

Hinduism began in 1500-500 BCE in ancient India

To show the way of life.

There is no known date when Hinduism began. We have artifacts of Hindu origin that are about 28,500 years old so Hinduism began in at least 30,500 years ago, but it probably began before that.

Hinduism is the oldest religion in the entire world. It began as sonn as the world was created

Nobody. Hinduism is as old as India. It is observations on how the world and the universe work.

Nobody knows when Hinduism began. We do have Hindu artifacts that were made in 10,000 b.c.e. so it began at least then, but it probably started earlier.

According to hindu mythology Hinduism began in Kashi. Whene lord shiva gave a land to brahma and vishnu to pray & meditate.

Hinduism began in ancient India (which was much larger than the India of today).Nobody knows exactly when it began. Hindu artifacts that are almost 30,500 years old have been found, hence, it is assumed to have began in at least 28,500 B.C.E. It is an extremely ancient religion and no precise date on when Hinduism began has been recorded in history.Hinduism began in ancient India (which was much larger than the India of today). Nobody knows exactly when it began but we have Hindu artifacts that are almost 30,500 years old so it began in at least 28,500 b.c.e. but probably began earlier.Hinduism origninated in India, and probably goes back something like ten thousand years. It is an extremely ancient religion. No precise moment when Hinduism began has been recorded in history.

Hinduism Acrostic Poem. By Kimberly King. In that poem he wrote that Hinduism began in India; the man who started Hinduism was a prince.Hinduism is Indias oldest religion.

It began about 5,000 years ago

HINDUISM began in Nepal, India. I just learned this is Social Studies.

According to the Rg Veda, it began in the area of "five rivers" or Punjab.

The sacred texts of Hinduism date back more than 4,000 years ago. Hinduism began in India, and is known as the religion of eternal spiritual path.

It began in 4000 to 2500 B.C.E

Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam

Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam.

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