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"In God We Trust" has been on most currency since 1864

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Q: When did In God you Trust first appear on money?
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What four words appear on every denomination of US coins?

"In God We Trust" can be read on every American coin.BUT NOT ALWAYS:The only four words to appear on every US coin are " United States of America" the motto " IN GOD WE TRUST " was first used on the 1864 Two-Cent piece.

When was in god you truct put on money?

"In God We Trust" was the motto of the United States starting in 1956. It was first put on the money in 1957.

When did the words in god you trust appear on a US coin?

In god we trust first appeared on the two cent coin in 1864, but only since 1938 have all coins had the motto inscribed.

When did the phrase 'In God We Trust' first appear on US currency?

The phrase first appeared on U.S. currency in 1957 on the $1 silver certificate.

What did the motto In god we trust first appear on the us five cent coin?

It was on the Shield Nickel minted from 1866 to 1883.

What words appear on every head of a coin?

in god we trust

What is to put money before god?

To put money before God is when you put your trust and love in money and the things of this world and not in the eternal loving God. God will forgive you of this but as with any sin you must be sincere and make a conscious effort to get your priorities right and always have God first in everything.

When was in God you trust printed on first coin?

In God We Trust was first placed on the 2 cent piece in 1864.

What is the motto put on money in 1955?

in god we trust.

What words are required to be on us money?

In God We Trust

What are the famous words that appear on the great seal of the United States?

in god we trust

What was the denomination of the first coin to have in got you trust on it?

No U.S. coin has the words in got you trust or in god you trust. But the 1864 2-cent piece is the first coin to have the national motto "IN GOD WE TRUST" on it.