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When did James Galloway Weir die?

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James Galloway Weir died in 1911.

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When was James Galloway Weir born?

James Galloway Weir was born in 1839.

When did James George Weir die?

James George Weir died on 1973-11-07.

When did James Hamilton - bishop of Galloway - die?

James Hamilton - bishop of Galloway - died on 1674-08-14.

When was James Weir House created?

James Weir House was created in 1830.

When was James George Weir born?

James George Weir was born on 1887-05-23.

When was James Hamilton - bishop of Galloway - born?

James Hamilton - bishop of Galloway - was born in 1610.

When did Samuel Galloway die?

Samuel Galloway died in 1872.

When did Thomas Galloway die?

Thomas Galloway died in 1851.

When did Eilene Galloway die?

Eilene Galloway died in 2009.

When did Alan of Galloway die?

Alan of Galloway died in 1234.

When did Paul Galloway die?

Paul Galloway died in 2009.

When did Dervorguilla of Galloway die?

Dervorguilla of Galloway died in 1290.

When did Thomas of Galloway die?

Thomas of Galloway died in 1231.

When did Uhtred of Galloway die?

Uhtred of Galloway died in 1174.

When did Denis Galloway die?

Denis Galloway died in 1957.

When did John Weir die?

John Weir died in 1971.

When did Nancy Weir die?

Nancy Weir died in 2008.

When did Felix Weir die?

Felix Weir died in 1978.

When did Cecil Weir die?

Cecil Weir died in 1995.

When did Harrison Weir die?

Harrison Weir died in 1906.

When did Frank Weir die?

Frank Weir died in 1981.

When did Thomas Weir die?

Thomas Weir died in 1670.

When did Stephen Weir die?

Stephen Weir died in 1969.

When did Albert Galloway Keller die?

Albert Galloway Keller died in 1956.

When did William Johnson Galloway die?

William Johnson Galloway died in 1931.

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