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WWII, it was called French Indochina then.

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What did The Japanese occupied Vietnam during?

The Japanese occupied French Indochina (now separated into Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia) during the Second World War.

What country occupied Vietnam during World War 2?

Japan occupied Indochina during WWII.

Who was Vietnamese prime minister during world war 2?

There was no such person. Vietnam was then French Indochina, a colony of France, and after the summer of 1941 it was occupied by the Japanese.

What country occupied Vietnam during the Vietnam war?

No nation occupied anybody during Vietnam. Vietnam was a war of body counts; who killed the most men won. Northerners lived in the North; Southerners lived in the South. US & allies also lived thru-out the South; for about 15 years and then left in 1975.

Which country overran Vietnam during World War 2?

During WWII, Japan occupied Southeast Asia. Vietnam is part of Southeast Asia.

Is Vietnam War part of the world wars?

No, Unless by 'vietnam war' you mean the Japanese conquest of French Indochina during WWII .

Was Indonesia occupied by the Germans in world war?

No, it was occupied by the Japanese

Who led the Vietminh troops?

The Vietminh, or Vietnamese nationalists, fought against the Japanese troops which occupied Vietnam during World War II. Vo Nguyen Giap led the Vietminh troops.

Is Vietnam Japanese?

No. Vietnam is far to the southwest of Japan, which is on the same latitude as the two Koreas. The Japanese did control Vietnam with a puppet government when it was French Indochina, during World War II.

What was it like in Vietnam before the Vietnam War?

Unfortunately, before the Vietnam War, as you know it, Vietnam was still embroiled in war. Another words, before the Vietnam War, there already was another war in Vietnam...the 1st Indochina War (also called the French War). And before the French War was the Japanese occupation during WWII...which was a guerrilla war fought against Imperial Japanese occupation forces (supported by the US/Allies).

Who was the leader of Formosa during world war 2?

The Japanese occupied Taiwan till the end of the War, and then it was returned to China

Who lived in Vietnam during the Vietnam war?

The Vietnamese lived in Vietnam during the Vietnam War.

When did Japan annex Singapore?

The Japanese occupied Singapore during World War II, from 1942 to 1945.

Who was vietnams prime minister during world war 2?

Vietnam or Indochina, was occupied and administered by the Japanese. It was a former French colony and after the war, was reoccupied by France. They were ousted by the communists in 1954 at Dien Ben Phue in northern Vietnam. It was a humiliating defeat with thousands of French soldiers being forced to surrender.

What was the Japanese occupied territory nearest to north America?

The Japanese actually occupied part of North America during World War II. They took several islands in the Aleutian chain near Alaska.

What years was Harry Truman involved in the Vietnam War?

Truman was occupied fighting the Korean War. But he did give France some US WW2 equipment, during their war there.

What was life in Korea like during World War 2?

It was a Japanese occupied country and it was exploited and abused. and it was swantoned

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