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John Cena joined wwe in the year 2001 . the date is unknown . if you want to read avout him go to this site . if you want to read wikia of any other superstar from wwe , tna, ucw , ecw etc. go to


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Because they offered him a contract

He hasn't actually left.

He Joined on the 27th of June, 2002

John Cena appeared on the Smackdown brand when he joined WWE in the spring of 2002. My Source: My memory.

John cena was a olympic fighter

yes John Cena will win the wwe championship at wrestlemania 29

no John Cena has not been fired from the WWE but he has before but he came back though

yes john cena does have a girlfriend.

John Cena lives in Newbury, Massachusetts.

No, John Cena is still alive and wrestling.

john cena will return in 2011

in 2009 edge beat john cena and became wwe heavyweight champion

On the WWE Homepage it says that John Cena was champion before Edge was

John Cena,MVP,Drew Brees, and more WWE superstars

go to a wwe house show and go directly to john cena or vince McMahon for cena and his email is not

The WWE pays Cena that is who he works for

the wwe champion is John Cena and of mr macmahon and Bret the hitman hart made John Cena and Batista become enemies

yes John Cena will come back John Cena will signed a full contrast to Friday Night Smackdown

John Cena is 34 he was born in 1976

Yes Maria does like John Cena

john cena is a wwe super star and nothing else

No. John Cena Is Engaged to a Women Outside of the WWE.

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