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When did John Graves Simcoe die?

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John Graves Simcoe died on October 26, 1806 at the age of 54.

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When was John Graves Simcoe born?

John Graves Simcoe was born on February 25, 1752.

How old was John Graves Simcoe at death?

John Graves Simcoe died on October 26, 1806 at the age of 54.

What happend to john graves simcoe?

he died

How old is John Graves Simcoe?

John Graves Simcoe was born on February 25, 1752 and died on October 26, 1806. John Graves Simcoe would have been 54 years old at the time of death or 263 years old today.

What is John Graves Simcoe's birthday?

John Graves Simcoe was born on February 25, 1752.

Who were the children of john graves simcoe?

John Graves Simcoe and Elizibeth Posthuman Simcoe had 11 children when they married. The two simcoes had eight daughters and three boys in total. When Elizibeth finally finished her last daughter, she longed for a male child, which would become an heir to the family after John Graves Simcoe died. She named this child Francis Gwillim, who would serve in the British army and die at the age of 21, in 1812, at the siege of Badajoz in Spain.

When did John Simcoe Macaulay die?

John Simcoe Macaulay died in 1855.

What are facts about john graves simcoe?

Found toronto Studies at eton college

Who was sir john graves simcoe married to?

Sir John Graves Simcoe was married to Elizabeth Posthuma Gwillim Born on September 22, 1762 in Whitchurch, Herefordshire. And died on January 17, 1850 at age 87

What were sir john graves simcoe achievements?

he was the first lieutenant governor of Upper Canada

What has the author Charles A Girdler written?

Charles A. Girdler has written: 'John Graves Simcoe'

Who were John Graves Simcoe's children?

He had 7 children:Francis Gwillim Simcoe (1791-1812)Eliza SimcoeHenry Addington Simcoe (1800-1868)CharlotteHenriettaCarolineKatherine Simcoe (1793-1794)

What were sir john graves simcoe accomplishments?

John grave Simcoe liked to eat alligators and it was his favourite food. It was healthy and he built the thames river that runs throughout upper canada.

Who discovered Toronto?

John Graves Simcoe(February 25, 1752 - October 26, 1806)

What is Simcoe day?

It is a holiday in Canada which is always on the first Monday in August. It is named after John Graves Simcoe, the founder of the town that eventually grew to be the city of Toronto.

What roads did John Graves Simcoe build?

John Graves Simcoe built two streets. Dundas street, and Yonge street, and Spendina street. He built these for Military purposes, and not for the amusement for the crowd to walk without being tripped by trees lying ominously on the street, or the merchants to walk with their carriages.

How did Sir John Graves Simcoe die?

Simcoe became ill in Portugal where he had gone on an expedition and he was brought back to Exeter, England and that's where he died on October 26th 1806. His wife died a long time after. He lived to be 54 she lived to be 88. Your welcome

When did John Thomas Graves die?

John Thomas Graves died in 1950.

When did John George Graves die?

John George Graves died in 1945.

When did John Woodcock Graves die?

John Woodcock Graves died in 1886.

When was John Simcoe Macaulay born?

John Simcoe Macaulay was born in 1791.

Who was the first Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada?

The first Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada (modern day Ontario) was John Graves Simcoe.

When did John T. Graves die?

John T. Graves died in 1870.

Who is John Graves Simcoe famous?

He is famous because he was the first lieutenant governor of Upper Canada and he did many great things to help his nation grow.

When did John Graves - rugby league - die?

John Graves - rugby league - died in 1983.