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at the age of 15

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When did John Lennon start singing?

When Did John Lennon Start Singing?

Did The Beatles sing imagine?

John Lennon did!

What band did john Lennon sing for?

the beatles

How many songs did John Lennon sing?


What year did John Lennon sing Imagine?


Did john Lennon sing?

Yes, all of The Beatles members sung. John Lennon is most famous for his song, 'Imagine'.

Who encouraged John Lennon to sing?

john Lennon's mom he did not have a dad though

What famous group did john Lennon sing with?

The Beatles stupid!

Did The Beatles sing Stand By Me?

No, it was a solo recording by John Lennon.

In What song does John Lennon sing Christ it ain't easy'?

'Ballad of John and Yoko'

Is the Blackberry song sang by john Lennon?

the blackberry song all you need is love was written by John Lennon but he didn't sing it in the commercial

What did beyonce sing for her first talent show?

Imagine By John Lennon :]

Did john Lennon sing yellow submariner?

Yes.He sang it with the beatles

Did Elton John sing Imagine?

John Lennon, a former member of the Beatles, wrote and sang that song. Although John Lennon is the originator, Elton John did sing Imagine during his concert at Central Park, New York, 1980. Ironically, this concert was only a few months before the tragic death of John Lennon.

What songs did john Lennon sing on the white album?

I don't know all of them, but he did sing Dear Prudence

Did John Lennon sing all you need is love?

Yes, he sang the lead

What type of skies did john lennon sing about in lucy in the skies with diamonds?


What age did john Lennon start playingliking music?

John Lennon started playing and enjoying music when he was four.

Why did John Lennon start to sing?

He was inspired by early rock n roll (Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly, Little Richard, Elvis Presley)

How old was John Lennon when the Beatles broke up?

Lennon Was 29 When The Beatles Disbanded.

Did John Lennon sing backup vocals on the song Fame?

Yup! :) love that song...

When did John Lennon go to prison?

He didn't. However, he did write and sing "Born in a Prison."

Did john Lennon sing jealous guy?

Yes. It appears on the Imagine album, 1971.

What type of sky did John Lennon sing about in Lucy in the Sky with diamonds?

Marmalade skies

What year did john Lennon start school?


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