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Q: When did Juan Sebastian Elcano circumnavigate the world?
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Why is Juan Sebastian Elcano important?

Juan Sebastian Elcano was the first navigator to complete circling the globe that was started by Ferdinand Magellan, who passed during the trip.

When was juan Sebastian de elcano born?

He Was Borin In 1486(:

Who captained the first ship that circumnavigated the earth?

Juan Sebastian de Elcano

Who took over Magellan's place after he was killed?

Juan Sebastián Elcano (from Wikipedia) No idea if this is right, but I think so.

Did Columbus circumnavigate the globe in 1519 1522?

No nope it wasn't Columbus neither Magellan it was Juan Sebastian Elcano. Magellan didn't complete the circumnavigation because he died before the battle of Mactan in Pre colonial Philippines and Elcano continued the voyage back to Spain with Victoria (the only surviving ship of 5 from Magellan's expedition)

What happen in the Philippines Why should Magellan be given credit as the first man to circumnavigate the globe?

In 1521, Ferdinand Magellan led the first successful expedition to circumnavigate the globe, with Juan Sebastian Elcano completing the journey after Magellan's death in the Philippines. Magellan's expedition played a significant role in advancing knowledge of the world's geography and paved the way for future exploration and trade routes. While Magellan did not personally complete the circumnavigation, his leadership and vision were crucial in initiating the voyage and its eventual completion.

What was the name of the first ship to go around the world?

The first ship to circumnavigate the world was the Victoria. It was a part of Ferdinand Magellan's expedition in 1519. It was commanded by Magellan until he died in 1521 in the Philippines. After Magellan's death, it was commanded by Juan Sebastian Elcano, who completed the voyage in Europe in 1522.

What major discovery did Ferdinand Magellan's crew make?

He was the first person to circumnavigate the world and found a hidden strait where you could sail to Asia. Technically, he didn't circumnavigate the world, because he died on Mactan Island on April 27, 1521. Juan Sebastian del Cano (Elcano) took over and they sailed to Asia and collected valuable spices. Than they sailed back to Spain and made it back with only about 20 survivors.

Who was know for being the first person to circumnavigate the world?

Ferdinand Magellan is generally given credit, but he died in the Philippians.Certain members of his original crew, most notably his navigator, Juan Sebastián de Elcano did make it.

Whose crew was first to sail around the world?

Fernão de Magalhães's crew, led by Juan Sebastián Elcano, was the first to circumnavigate the world between 1519 and 1522. Magellan died during the voyage, but Elcano completed the journey with the remaining crew members.

When did Juan Sebastián Elcano die?

Juan Sebastián Elcano died on 1526-08-04.

Who was given credit of being the first to circumnavigate the globe?

Magellan was given credit for it. However he was not the first as he died half way around. His first mate Juan Sebastián de Elcano was actually the first person to successfully circumnavigate the globe.