When did King Tut die?

King tut was born in Luxor in the year of 1324 and I died about 1342. His father was Amenophis III and my mother was Tiye. They found his tomb in the Valley of the Kings. It was hard to find. King Tut's tomb had paintings on the wall of the goddess Nut, who is welcoming King Tut to the realms of the dead. He had a headrest with a woman looking like she's holding what you call a potato chip. &&&&& he

He got married to Ankhesenamu and became a pharaoh when He was nine. He came to the throne in 1333, as a young child. He was ruler of Lower Egypt. He only ruled Lower Egypt for nine years. (I GOT THIS INFORMATION FROM A SITE CALLED -http://www.lessonsite.com/ArchivePages/7thGradeOnline/Lesson31/KingTut.htm)
He died around 1323 b.c.
He died in 1323 B.C when he was 18-19 years old.