When did La Salle get married?

Updated: 12/16/2022
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did la salle get married

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Q: When did La Salle get married?
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When did Robert la salle get married?

Laura Corade

Who was Robert de la Salle married to?

Laura Corade

Who did Robert la salle marry?

Robert la Salle was never married during his lifetime. However, he was rumored to of been in a relationship with Madeleine de Roybon d'Allonne.

What is the motto of La Salle Academy?

The motto of La Salle Academy is 'We Are La Salle'.

Who has a name beginning with L?

la salle la salle

Did Robert De La Salle get married?

no he did not get married he got killed to young and count find a wife by : Justin biber

Where did Robert la salle want to go?

Robert La Salle was a French explorer. He explored many areas including the Mississippi River, Canada, the Gulf of Mexico, and the area of the Great Lakes. He also did not get married.

How do say the road to La Salle in french?

La route (ou la rue de La Salle)

How many people are in la salle?

1 La Salle is a person, not a group.

Who did Robert de la salle work for?

Robert de la salle

When was La Salle Causeway created?

La Salle Causeway was created in 1917.

When was La Salle Hotel created?

La Salle Hotel was created in 1909.