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When did Lady Louisa Conolly die?

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Lady Louisa Conolly died in 1821.

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Lady Louisa Conolly was born in 1743.

Lady Louisa Stuart died on 1851-08-04.

Conolly Gage died in 1984.

William Conolly died in 1729.

John Conolly died in 1866.

Arthur Conolly died in 1842.

William Warren Conolly died in 2008.

Edward Michael Conolly died in 1849.

William James Conolly died in 1754.

Edward Tennyson Conolly died in 1908.

Louisa Stuart has written: 'Notes by Lady Louisa Stuart on George Selwyn and his contemporaries' 'Lady Louisa Stuart' 'Letters of Lady Louisa Stuart to Miss Louisa Clinton' 'Notes by Lady Louisa Stuart on George Selwyn and his Contemporaries by John Heneage Jesse'

John Augustus Conolly died on 1888-12-23.

Conolly Abel Smith died on 1985-12-03.

Richard L. Conolly died on 1962-03-01.

Lady Louisa Stuart was born on 1757-08-12.

Yes, well technically Louisa Gordon-Lennox, daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Richmond.

Conolly Gage was born in 1905.

John Conolly was born in 1794.

Arthur Conolly was born in 1807.

William Conolly was born in 1662.

Louisa Fennell died in 1930.

Louisa Barwell died in 1885.

Louisa Journeaux died in 1939.

Louisa Bassano died in 1908.

Louisa Courtauld died in 1807.