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When did Lord Archibald Hamilton die?

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Lord Archibald Hamilton died in 1754.

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When was Lord Archibald Hamilton born?

Lord Archibald Hamilton was born in 1673.

When did Archibald Hamilton Charteris die?

Archibald Hamilton Charteris died in 1908.

What has the author Archibald Hamilton written?

Archibald Hamilton has written: 'An answer to an anonymous libel, entitled, Articles exhibited against Lord Archibald Hamilton, late governour of Jamaica' -- subject- s -: History, Sources

When was Archibald Hamilton Charteris born?

Archibald Hamilton Charteris was born in 1835.

When did Lord Ernest Hamilton die?

Lord Ernest Hamilton died in 1939.

When did Lord George Hamilton die?

Lord George Hamilton died on 1927-09-22.

When did Lord Frederick Spencer Hamilton die?

Lord Frederick Spencer Hamilton died in 1928.

When did Lord Malcolm Douglas-Hamilton die?

Lord Malcolm Douglas-Hamilton died in 1964.

What has the author Archibald Hamilton Dunbar written?

Archibald Hamilton Dunbar has written: 'Scottish kings' -- subject(s): Chronology, History, Kings and rulers

What has the author Archibald Hamilton Charteris written?

Archibald Hamilton Charteris has written: 'Canonicity' -- subject(s): Fathers of the church, Canon, Bible, Selections, extracts

What has the author Ethel Archibald Johnston written?

Ethel Archibald Johnston has written: 'George Hamilton Archibald' 'The intermediate department' -- subject(s): Sunday schools, Teaching methods

When was Lord Ernest Hamilton born?

Lord Ernest Hamilton was born in 1858.

When did Archibald Baxter die?

Archibald Baxter died in 1970.

When did Archibald Gossling die?

Archibald Gossling died in 1950.

When did Jimmy Archibald die?

Jimmy Archibald died in 1975.

When did Archibald McAllister die?

Archibald McAllister died in 1883.

When did Archibald Henning die?

Archibald Henning died in 1862.

When did Archibald Meston die?

Archibald Meston died in 1924.

When did Archibald McLelan die?

Archibald McLelan died in 1890.

When did Archibald Russell die?

Archibald Russell died in 1995.

When did Archibald Thorburn die?

Archibald Thorburn died in 1935.

When did Matthew Archibald die?

Matthew Archibald died in 1820.

When did Archibald Weigall die?

Archibald Weigall died in 1952.

When did Archibald Pinnell die?

Archibald Pinnell died in 1904.

When did Archibald Roosevelt die?

Archibald Roosevelt died in 1979.

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