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Lord Frederick Spencer Hamilton died in 1928.

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When did Frederick Orton Hamilton die?

Frederick Orton Hamilton died in 1945.

When did Frederick Hamilton March die?

Frederick Hamilton March died in 1977.

When did Frederick Hamilton Davey die?

Frederick Hamilton Davey died in 1915.

When did Frederick W. Hamilton die?

Frederick W. Hamilton died in 1940.

When did Frederick Hamilton - soldier - die?

Frederick Hamilton - soldier - died in 1647.

When did Frederick James Hamilton Merrill die?

Frederick James Hamilton Merrill died in 1916.

When did Lord Henry Spencer die?

Lord Henry Spencer died in 1795.

When did Frederick Dalrymple-Hamilton die?

Frederick Dalrymple-Hamilton died on 1974-12-26.

When did Lord Frederick FitzClarence die?

Lord Frederick FitzClarence died in 1854.

When did Frederick William Lord die?

Frederick William Lord died in 1860.

When did Lord Frederick Campbell die?

Lord Frederick Campbell died in 1816.

When did Lord Frederick Beauclerk die?

Lord Frederick Beauclerk died in 1850.

When did Lord Ernest Hamilton die?

Lord Ernest Hamilton died in 1939.

When did Lord Archibald Hamilton die?

Lord Archibald Hamilton died in 1754.

When did Lord Charles Spencer die?

Lord Charles Spencer died on 1820-06-16.

When did Lord Frederick Cambridge die?

Lord Frederick Cambridge died on 1940-05-15.

When did Lord Frederick Montagu die?

Lord Frederick Montagu died on 1827-10-04.

When did Lord Frederick Paulet die?

Lord Frederick Paulet died on 1871-01-01.

When did Lord Ivor Spencer-Churchill die?

Lord Ivor Spencer-Churchill died in 1956.

When did Lord Charles Spencer-Churchill die?

Lord Charles Spencer-Churchill died in 1840.

When did Lord George Hamilton die?

Lord George Hamilton died on 1927-09-22.

When did Lord Frederick Gordon-Hallyburton die?

Lord Frederick Gordon-Hallyburton died in 1878.

When did Lord Malcolm Douglas-Hamilton die?

Lord Malcolm Douglas-Hamilton died in 1964.

When did Lord Frederick Cavendish die?

Lord Frederick Cavendish died on May 6, 1882 at the age of 45.

When did John Frederick - Lord Mayor - die?

John Frederick - Lord Mayor - died in 1685.

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