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Lord George Wellesley died in 1967.

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When was Lord George Wellesley born?

Lord George Wellesley was born in 1889.

When did Lord Charles Wellesley die?

Lord Charles Wellesley died in 1858.

When was Lord Charles Wellesley born?

Lord Charles Wellesley was born in 1808.

When was George Wellesley Hamilton born?

George Wellesley Hamilton was born in 1846.

Was subsidiary alliance introduced by lord wellesley?

Yes, the subsidiary alliance was introduced b y lord Wellesley, Marquess Wellesley was his full name, he was the Governor general of India for the period 1798 to 1805.

When did Walter Wellesley die?

Walter Wellesley died in 1539.

When did Gerald Wellesley die?

Gerald Wellesley died in 1882.

When did Gordon Wellesley die?

Gordon Wellesley died in 1980.

When did Wellesley Bailey die?

Wellesley Bailey died in 1937.

When did Lord George Paget die?

Lord George Paget died in 1880.

When did Lord George Manners die?

Lord George Manners died in 1874.

When did Lord George Seymour die?

Lord George Seymour died in 1848.

When did George Lord die?

George Lord died on 1880-05-09.

When did Lord George Bentinck die?

Lord George Bentinck died in 1848.

When did Lord George Russell die?

Lord George Russell died in 1846.

When did Lord George Gordon die?

Lord George Gordon died in 1793.

When did Arthur Wellesley Bayley die?

Arthur Wellesley Bayley died in 1896.

When did Wellesley Tudor Pole die?

Wellesley Tudor Pole died in 1968.

When did Arthur Wellesley Soames die?

Arthur Wellesley Soames died in 1934.

When did Arthur Wellesley Hughes die?

Arthur Wellesley Hughes died in 1950.

When did John Wellesley Thomas die?

John Wellesley Thomas died in 1908.

When did Arthur Wellesley Willey die?

Arthur Wellesley Willey died in 1923.

When did Arthur Wellesley Vowell die?

Arthur Wellesley Vowell died in 1918.

When did Lord George Sanger die?

Lord George Sanger died on 1911-11-28.

When did Lord George Hamilton die?

Lord George Hamilton died on 1927-09-22.

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