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When did Malcom X die?

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Malcolm X, born Malcolm Little, was assassinated in the Manhattan Audubon Ballroom on February 21, 1965.

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At what age did Malcom X die?

malcom x died at the age of 39.

What was malcom's x surname?

Malcom X changed his name from Malcom Little to Malcom X

What religon was Malcom x?

Malcom X was Muslim

Did malcom X have brothers and sisters?

yes malcom x did

Who played Malcom X in the movie Malcom X?

Denzel Washington

Who played Malcom X in the Malcom X movie?

Denzel Washington

What is Malcom X about?

Malcom x was a person that helped in saving fuking. and he was a Muslim.

Who wrote the autobiography of malcom x?

Malcom in the middle.

What did Malcom X do?

Malcom X spoke out against bad treatment to the black race.

Malcom x real name?

Malcom Little

What you need to know about Malcolm X?

malcom X does drugs and have no life so his mom named him malcom X

What important things did malcom x do?

malcom x wasn't a real fighter but he fought for his rights

What was Malcolm X American name?

Malcom had his last name legally changed to X, so Malcom X is his legal "American" name. His birth name was Malcom Little.

When did Malcom McLean die?

Malcom McLean died in 2001.

Where was Malcom X shot?

malcom x got shot by a man and fell down to earth and started smokin weed

What church did Malcom x go to?

Malcom X went to the Southern-American republic and academics church for cry babys

Who wrote Malcolm X autobiography?

Malcom X

Who is Malcom X?

he is a famous person.

How tall was Malcom X?


Was malcom x a blood?


Why did malcom x speak?


Was malcom x gay?

No, he wasn't.

Who was released from prison in 1953 and changed his name?

Malcom Little, who changed his name to Malcom X.

Who was Malcolm X and what did he do?

malcom x was a civil rights activist

A African American name that starts with an X?

Malcom X