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Mary Ludwig was also known as Molly Pitcher.

Molly (Mary) was born in 1754 and died on January 22, 1832 at the age of 78.

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When did Mary Ludwig Hays' son die?

When he was young.

How did Mary Ludwig hays mccauley die?

she died of old age

How did Mary Ludwig hays die?

Mary Ludwig Hays died of old age. She was 88 years old and is buried under her second husbands surname McCauley.

Who was Mary Ludwig Hays's mother?

Who was Mary ludwig hays mother?

What education did Mary Ludwig Hays have?

Mary Ludwig Hayes did not have education.

How did Molly Pitcher die Mary Ludwig?

Mary Ludwig was her real name. she used to carry pitchers of water to dehydrated soldiers in the battle of monmouth. thus the name 'Mary pitcher' or 'molly pitcher'. hope that helps!

Can you give me fact about Mary Ludwig?

Mary Ludwig was a Patriot and her nickname was "Molly Pitcher."

When did Mary Ludwig Hays die?

She died on January 22, 1832, in Carlisle Pennsylvania

What were Mary Ludwig chirlden name?

creg ludwig

What colony was Mary Ludwig hays from?

mary ludwig or known as molly pitcher was from the middle colonies.

What were important events in Mary Ludwig hays early life?

mary ludwig did some stuff

Who is Mary Ludwig?

Mary Ludwig was a female revolutionary war hero. also known as molly pitcher

What was Mary Ludwig Hays McCauley nickname?

Mary Ludwig Hayes McCauley's nickname was Molly Pitcher

Why did Mary Ludwig Hays get her nickname molly pitcher?

How did Mary Ludwig Hays get her nickname "Molly Pitcher"? h

Who are gretchen and john ludwig?

Mary Ludwig Hays McCauley's parents

How did Mary Ludwig hays help the patriot cause?

Mary Ludwig Hays help the cause by nurseing and feeding the troops

What is the names of Mary Ludwig Hays' parents?

John G Ludwig

What did Mary Ludwig do for a job?

a servant

What year did molly pitcher die?

The Mary Ludwig Hays Molly Pitcher died on January 22, 1832.

What was Mary Ludwig Hays McCaughley nick name?

Mary pitcher

Were was Mary Ludwig hays born?

Mary was born in New Jersy

Did mary Ludwig hays have a mom?

yes she did

What did Mary Ludwig Hays belief in?


Who is Mary Ludwig hays second husband and who is George mccauley?

John McCauleyis Mary Ludwig hays second husband andWilliam mccauley was her first

Did Mary Ludwig hays have any kids?

yes,she did have kids his name was Johames ludwig Hays.