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Jackson 5 broke up their group in 1990. He never actually quit.

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What age was Michael Jackson when he was in Jackson 5?

Michael Jackson was 5 when he started in Jackson 5

When Michael Jackson Created Jackson 5?

Michael Jackson did not create the Jackson 5 his father did!

Where was Michael Jackson when Jackson 5 was in prosessa?

Michael Jackson was in Gary Indiana when Jackson 5 was in process!

What did Michael Jackson do after he left the Jackson 5?

After leaving the Jackson 5, Michael Jackson went on with his career.

When did Michael Jackson start singing in the Jackson 5?

Michael Jackson started singing in the Jackson 5 when he was 5 years old.

How old was Michael Jackson when he entered the Jackson 5?

Michael Jackson was five when he joined The Jackson Brothers. At that point, They were not The Jackson 5

Was Michael Jackson in Bugsy Malone?

Michael Jackson from the Jackson 5 was not in Bugsy Malone, it was another Michael Jackson.

What was the name of Michael Jackson a member of?

Michael Jackson was a member of the Jackson 5

How long was Michael Jackson in the Jackson 5?

Michael Jackson joined the Jackson 5 at the age of 5 and left when he was about 20, so he was with them for around 15 years.

Will the rest of the Jackson 5 do a tribute concert for Michael Jackson?

I Dont Think They Will. Michael Was One of The Main Was. Jackson 5 Is Nothing Without Michael.

Who were the 5 members of the Jackson 5?

The 5 original members of the Jackson 5 were:-Michael Jackson (we love you, forever)-Jackie Jackson-Tito Jackson-Jermaine Jackson-Marlon Jackson

The list of Michael Jackson's hits?

This is all his solo and group hits.They are arranged by year.It shows the song, the group/artist then the number it reached.Note: When the Jackson 5 left Motown in 1975, they became the Jacksons.1969I want you Back - Jackson 5 ~ 11970ABC - Jackson 5 ~ 1The love you Save - Jackson 5 ~ 1I'll be there - Jackson 5 ~ 11971Mama's Pearl - Jackson 5 ~ 2Never can say goodbye - Jackson 5 ~ 2Maybe tomorrow - Jackson 5 ~ 20Got to be there - Michael Jackson ~ 2Sugar Daddy - Jackson 5 ~ 101972Rockin' Robin - Michael Jackson ~ 2Little Bitty Pretty one - Jackson 5 ~ 13Lookin' through the windows - Jackson 5 ~ 16Ben - Michael Jackson ~ 1Corner of the Sky - Jackson 5 ~181973Halleujah Day - Jackson 5 ~ 28Get it Together - Jackson 5 ~ 281974Dancing Machine - Jackson 5 ~ 2Whatever you got I want - Jackson 5 ~ 381975I am love (Parts I & II) - Jackson 5 ~ 15Just a little bit of you - Michael Jackson ~ 231976Enjoy yourself - The Jacksons ~ 61977Show you the was to go - The Jacksons ~ 281979Shake your body (down to the ground) - The Jacksons ~ 2Don't stop 'til you get enough - Michael Jackson ~ 1Rock with you - Michael Jackson ~ 11980Off the Wall - Michael Jackson ~ 10She's out of my Life - Michael Jackson ~ 10Lovely one - The Jacksons ~ 12Heartbreak Hotel - The Jacksons ~ 221982The girl is mine - Michael Jackson (with Paul McCartney) ~ 2Billie Jean - Michael Jackson ~ 1Beat it - Michael Jackson ~ 1Wanna be Startin' Somethin' - Michael Jackson ~ 5P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) - Michael Jackson ~ 10Say Say Say - Michael Jackson (With Paul McCartney) ~ 11984Thriller - Michael Jackson ~ 5Farewell My Summer Love - Michael Jackson ~ 38State of Shock - The Jacksons ~ 3Torture - The Jacksons ~ 131987I just can't stop loving you - Michael Jackson ~ 1Bad - Michael Jackson ~ 1The way you make me feel - Michael Jackson ~ 11988Man in the Mirror - Michael Jackson ~ 1Dirty Diana - Michael Jackson ~ 1Another Part of me - Michael Jackson ~ 11Smooth Criminal - Michael Jackson ~ 71991Black or White - Michael Jackson ~ 11992Remember the time - Michael Jackson ~ 3In the closet - Michael Jackson ~ 6Jam - Michael Jackson ~ 26Heal the world - Michael Jackson ~ 271993Who is it - Michael Jackson ~ 14Wil you be there - Michael Jackson ~ 71995Scream - Michael Jackson (with Janet Jackson) ~ 5You are not alone - Michael Jackson ~ 11996The don't care about us - Michael Jackson ~ 302001You rock my world - Michael Jackson ~ 10Butterflies - Michael Jackson ~ 14

What happend to Jackson 5 after Michael Jackson's death?

Michael Jackson had left Jackson 5 long before his death. He wasn't part of Jackson 5 anymore.

Does Michael Jackson have a brother?

Michael Jackson has 5 brothers. 4 of which were on the Jackson 5 with Michael. He has five brothers; Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon and Randy.

Was Randy Jackson ever lead singer in the Jackson 5 other than Michael Jackson?

Randy Jackson is not related to Michael Jackson. The Jackson 5 were all brothers.

Is Michael Jackson related to The Jackson 5?

Yes. Michael Jackson Was the lead singer of The Jackson 5, until he broke up with them to play alone.

Who was the youngest member of the Jackson 5?

The youngest person in the Jackson 5 was Michael Jackson.

When did Michael Jackson start the Jackson 5?

Michael Jackson joined the Jackson 5 when he was 6. Here's why: He was born in 1958, and he started music and things in 1964. (The Jackson 5 was the 1st music stuff he did.)

Why was Michael Jackson the lead singer in the Jackson 5?

Michael Jackson was the lead singer because his father created the band The Jackson 5. His father noticed Michael liked to sing, and that was how he was the lead singer.

What pop group was Michael Jackson in when he was young?

Michael Jackson was in a pop group with his siblings known as the Jackson 5.

Where did Michael Jackson went to school when he was young?

Michael Jackson was home - schooled once the Jackson 5 was formed

How many brother do Michael Jackson have?

Michael Jackson had 4 brothers. His group name was called'' Jackson 5'' and he was in it

What is the best selling Jackson five album?

well i will tell you the top 10 mj selling albums. #1 is Michael Jackson-thriller #2 Michael Jackson-bad #3 Michael Jackson-off the wall #4 Michael Jackson- dangerous #5 the Jackson 5-third album #6 Michael Jackson HIStory:past present and future book 1 #7 the Jackson 5- ABC #8 Michael Jackson-invincible #9 the Jackson 5-maybe tomrrow and #10 Michael Jackson-blood on the dance floor:HIStory in the mix. so in case u didnt know which is the #1 Jackson 5 selling album of all time its the Jackson 5-third album. and yes third album is the name of the album. REST IN PEACE MICHAEL JACKSON I love you.

Was Janet Jackson abused by her father?

It is quite possible as Michael Jackson said he beat them up.

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