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When did Naftoli Trop die?

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Naftoli Trop died in 1928.

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Naftoli Trop was born in 1871.

Naftoli Carlebach died in 2005.

Naftoli Shapiro died in 1981.

Naftoli Carlebach was born in 1916.

Naftoli Shapiro was born in 1906.

trop mignon, trop joli

Trop means too much or too many.

on est trop jeunes = we are too young

"avoir trop dormi" She overslept : Elle a trop dormi

The duration of Trop la Classe is 420.0 seconds.

The duration of Trop de bonheur is 1.42 hours.

Vous êtes trop aimable, trop gentil/gentille.

vous avez trop le rouge et le blanc de mélange

Il / elle parle trop means He / she speaks too much.

... qu'il est trop ... means ... that he is too much ... in French.

Anne Trop was born in New York City, in New York, USA.

"vous êtes trop belle" is "you are too beautiful" in English.

too much pain : trop de douleurtoo much work : trop de travailtoo much pain and too much work : trop de douleur et trop de travail

It could mean two things. When used in context - "a proud person" then the answer is "trots" i.o.w. "die persoon is trots" - also "'n trotsepersoon"When used in the context - "a pride of lions" then the answer is "trop", i.o.w. "'n trop leeus"

litteraly it's 'trop mauvais' but in general it means 'trop bete' or 'dommage'

L'amour trop fort - 1981 is rated/received certificates of: France:U

Trop - peu d'amour 1998 is rated/received certificates of: France:U

C'est trop froid means 'it is too cold'. Warning. This is not about the weather - that would be 'il fait trop froid'. Here it could be talking about a letter, a word or even a look from someone.

si l'effort était trop (trop important, trop grand) à faire, alors je ne vaux rien means "if the effort was too (important, hard), then I'm worth nothing." in English.

Trop. Depending on the context, sometimes you need to add de. For example:"I sleep too much" = Je dors trop."I eat too much chocolate." = Je mange trop de chocolat.

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