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Q: When did Nixon give his checkers speech?
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Who was Checkers Nixon?

President Richard Nixon's dog. Checkers Nixon was a dog received by Nixon and most famously mentioned in Nixon's "Checkers Speech", where he defended himself against accusations of receiving gifts and improper funds. In the speech, he said that no matter what, he was keeping the little dog, which his daughter had named Checkers. The speech helped to save Nixon's appearance by pulling on heartstrings.

Who gave the checkers speech?

Richard Nixon

Which president was known for the checkers speech?

Richard Nixon made this noteworthy speech after he was accused to improprieties with campaign funding. "Checkers" was a dog that he had accepted as a gift.

What speech famous helped President Nixon stave off criticism and remain the republican ticket in 1952?

The famous speech that helped President Nixon stave off criticism and remain on the Republican ticket in 1952 was the "Checkers speech." In this address, Nixon defended himself against allegations of impropriety in the form of a political slush fund by referencing a gift he had received - a cocker spaniel named Checkers - and stating that he would not give back the dog, as it was a gift to his children. The speech resonated with the public and helped Nixon retain his place on the ticket.

Who Delivered the Checkers Speech?

Richard Nixon (see Related Question below)

Did Richard Nixon have any pets?

Nixon was famous for owning a dog named Checkers, who was given to him. Checkers saved his political career: after Nixon was accused of taking political kickbacks, he gave a speech in which he said the only thing he'd been given by a contributor was a little dog his kids named Checkers, and he wouldn't give the dog back. (Google "Checkers speech.)

What speech helped Nixon's stave off criticism and remain on the Republican ticket as the vice presidential candidate in 1952?

Checkers speech

Which one of Richard Nixon's TV speeches became famous for its use of his dog?

Richard Nixon's TV speech that became famous for its use of his dog was his Checkers speech. In this speech, Nixon defended himself against allegations of financial impropriety and stated that he intended to keep a gift from a supporter, a black and white cocker spaniel named Checkers. The mention of the dog resonated with the public and helped humanize Nixon, saving his place on the Republican ticket as Dwight D. Eisenhower's running mate during the 1952 presidential election.

What is the checkers speech?

This was speech by Richard Nixon in which he defended himself against the charge of accepting illegal gifts. He admitted having accepted the gift of a dog,named "Checkers" You can read the speech and hear a recording of it at the Related Link shown below.

How did Nixon's speech help Eisenhower's campaign?

Nixon's so-called "Checkers" speech took the heat off the 1952 Eisenhower campaign, which otherwise might have been compelled to drop Nixon from the ticket due to allegations of financial wrongdoing.

What was Richard Nixon's Checkers speech about?

Nixon was being accused of giving special favors to his contributors. In Nixon's day the fundraising laws weren't as complex as they are now. Your contributors could pay for your mailing expenses, for instance--this was done in Nixon's case. Nixon was trying to show he wasn't giving his contributors special favors. The name of the speech came because Nixon said he wouldn't return one contribution--someone gave the Nixon kids a puppy they named Checkers.

How did Nixon save himself in the 1952 presidential campaign?

He was running for vice-president in 1952 and was accused of improper use of campaign funds. He made his famous Checkers speech and saved himself. He gave the "Checkers" speech.(apex)