When did Noah live?

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Some Christian denomination now does not accept Noah and his deluge as Historical. Some Christian denominations also do accept it as historical.

According to the Biblical chronology Noah was 600 years old when the flood occurred at around 2300 BC. He also is recorded as living a further 350 years after it. See Genesis 9 v 28-29. Thus he died at around 1950 BC.

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Where did Noah live?

The Bible does not mention where he lived. The Ark landed on the mountains of Ararat, which is the only geographical place mentioned in relation to Noah. He most probably resi

What time did Noah live?

If Noah was an actual person and not a generalization, he would have been living for a long time before historical records, being 600 years old at the time of the great deluge

Where did Noah live when he built the ark?

Noah would have lived in his own dwelling for the period that it took to construct the ark. It is unclear exactly where this was located. _ 2.The world ended during the flood

What country did Noah live in?

I do not think the place is mentioned, but it does mention the place where the ark rested., it was Ararat.

Where does Noah marullo live?

Dude, he's a 12 year old kid, like me. I'm not sure he'd like some random dude barging into his house asking for an interview or an autograph! geez!
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How can Noah live for 900 years?

Noah lived for 900 years as mainly big sin came into the world after the big flood. From then on mans life was reduced to 77 years.
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Where does Noah ringer live?

he's from Dallas texas...not sure if he still lives there but most likely he does.
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How long did Noah live?

According to the bible Noah was 950 years, but he was not a prophet. A: All the early biblical heroes are attributed lifespans that accord with a simple numerology formula b