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Pope Pelagius II died in 590.

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Q: When did Pope Pelagius II die?
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When was Pope Pelagius II born?

Pope Pelagius II was born in 520.

When did Pope Pelagius I die?

Pope Pelagius I died on 561-03-04.

Who was the pope in 583AD?

Pope Pelagius II reigned from 579 until 590.

Who led the Roman Catholic Church before Pope Gregory I?

Pope Pelagius II was the predecessor of Pope Gregory I, the Great.

When did Alvarus Pelagius die?

Alvarus Pelagius died in 1352.

When did Pelagius of Cordova die?

Pelagius of Cordova died in 926.

When did Pelagius of Oviedo die?

Pelagius of Oviedo died in 1153.

When did Pelagius of Asturias die?

Pelagius of Asturias died in 737.

When did Pope Marinus II die?

Pope Marinus II died in 946.

When did Pope Clement II die?

Pope Clement II died in 1047-10.

When did Pope Urban II die?

Pope Urban II died July 29, 1099.

When did Pope Joseph II of Alexandria die?

Pope Joseph II of Alexandria died in 1956.