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Princess' Man ended on 2011-10-05.

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Q: When did Princess' Man end?
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When did Princess Princess - band - end?

Princess Princess - band - ended in 1996.

When was Princess' Man created?

Princess' Man was created on 2011-07-20.

When did Princess Princess D end?

Princess Princess D ended on 2006-09-13.

When did Australian Princess end?

Australian Princess ended in 2007.

When did Princess Air end?

Princess Air ended in 1991.

When did Princess Natasha end?

Princess Natasha ended in 2006.

When did Princess Pearl end?

Princess Pearl ended in 2003.

Who becomes princess in the end of princess academy?

Britta, Miri's friend becomes princess in the end. Miri becomes Peder's girlfriend. Hope that was helpful! :)

Who will end up with the princess in Princess Resurrection?

Most likely to be Hiro.

When did The Last Princess end?

The Last Princess ended in 2008-03.

When did Princess Hours end?

Princess Hours ended on 2006-03-30.

When did I Married a Princess end?

I Married a Princess ended on 2005-05-02.